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Marjolijn zei

That's a real Dutch moment! I wonder if somewhere else in the world one rides the same bikes as here daily...

Maybe in Kopenhagen?

Kusjuh voor Roemer! En de kleine buikhanger natuurlijk, of is het al op de rug?


kenza zei


Barbara zei

Hahaha ik mis een kindje in de bak!

anna zei

Nice! (op de raio gehoord: zo'n 'echte-bakfiets-vrouw' :) Heerlijk hoor je in het zonnetje laten rijden!

The Muse of The Day zei

Dearest Guusje, it is a very good thing that the internet makes it possible for more than one person to view your blog at one time. You see, I clicked over to your blog from the comment list on 101 cookbooks, and I have been stuck on your blog for a long, long time. It is WONDERful. In every meaning of the word. If only one person could see it at a time I would be inundated with hate mail right now because I was like a child with my nose pressed up against the window of a toy shop not letting any one else get an up front look at the wonderful toys inside. Loved it.

Jane zei

Heerlijk momentje.

pien zei


Conny zei

I love it - its always sweet to see your children in front, the tops of their heads, hair moving in the breeze. I wish we had those carts here in the U.S. Cheers ~

Annemiek zei

Heerlijke foto!

Theresa zei


jane zei

this is a dutch daily:) perfect!