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YuCkFou Raven

I just love making tees.....


A New Year

I thought about resolutions

Lot of ideas
like every other day

But after
a bizar difficult year

One thing I know for sure
I like to be healthy

 Before the children
I was a macrobiotic health foodie
I didn't eat cakes for years!

After giving birth three times in a row
I was so tired
Sugar became my best friend

Time to get back in the sadle
I bought books
(Love Alicia Silverstone's Kind diet)
Dusted my Super Juicer
Detoxed from my sugar addiction last two months...
read lots about macrobiotics

I'm ready!
Any of you link/fb tips?
wanna join?

Drop me a line!

Kissss Guusje


I don't know who the girl is,
who took the photograph....

I do know
I love it!

I am wondering
where to place her,
what to draw
full color or black
where do I find the best tattoo artist???

Anyone good advise?

come on girls,
show your tatoos!!!!


she just got it