I ♥ ✸✵✶✷

I love stars.
They are always in my screenprints,
always on my walls,
and sure in my heart.
Time to put some here to stay!


I know I found a new addiction


screen print


(female lioness) a large wild animal of the cat family with yellowish brown fur which lives in Africa and southern Asia
a pride (= group) of lions
someone who is important, successful or powerful
a literary lion

They are all a bit different,
but so cute with the little golden face.
This color really radiates warmth,
it is so deep and rich.


Making a House a Home in progress

We are still in the middle of it all,
but I thought it would be nice
to share a few corners of our house,
soon to be a real family home.

I ordered great strings of light in different color variations from happylights .
All three children's room will have one string of 35.
I'll show you later.

All curtains are from the fabulous Orla Kiely.
They have been waiting a long time in their boxes to come out!

A lovely new bed, thanks to one of our neighbors.

A play area for all.

In a later stage,
I'll take pictures again.
and from all the rest.
(believe me, you don't want to see it now)
I just know things will change again,
because when we are done painting and plastering the last walls,
we can bring some magic
to the walls and ceilings.
(and let's not forget electricity in the 'other' house!)



Extra edition in today's Daily familygraph:
Crawling Pop-Eye pulls herself up.

Corner View: At the end of the street

The sun always shines!


♥ Girlfriends ♥

'In the middle of the night,
I dance with my friends,
we hold hands,
drink champagne
and celebrate
how fortuned we are
just for being here.'

image size: 50 by 30 cm
paper size: 50 by 69
3 colors
heavy fabriano off white paper
limited edition

This screen print is made to celebrate the gift of friendship.
The ones we have now,
the ones we had in the past
and the ones still to come.



You know these sunny sunshines in old children's books?
The ones that always make you smile?
The ones that fill your heart with yellow?
I am staring one in the face all day long!
A splash of yellow there,
some orange here....
Really, it totally works uplifting.
The sun makes one happy.
A real 'pick me up'.

Soon, you will find my very best 'Sunny Sunshines' in shop.
In the meantime, i'll keep printing.


MYO play dough

(dear CV readers all over the world,
Today I chose ' to do ' instead of digging in my collections ' to photograph ', believe me, I've got a few. Because I'm a little bit too tired due on-going building work, I need to focus on the simple things in life for a little while, the little things that make one happy.
So drawing, family life and tomorrow back in the Studio to screen print. Hooray!
Oh, and maybe have a few cupcakes! )

I know a lot of mother already posted this fun activity.
But I simply couldn't resist...

So much fun and so incredibly easy.

You will need:

1 cup of plain white flour
½ cup of salt
2 teaspoons of tartaric acid baking powder / wijnsteenzuur bakpoeder
(would that be cream of tartar?)

1 cup of water
1 tablespoon of oil + few drops of essential oil
food coloring (beet root water/ turmeric etc. or bought ones)

Put in saucepan, stir to get the lumps out.

Keep stirring!

It's like magic.

There is your dough.

Let it cool and knead for a couple of minutes before storing in an airtight container in your fridge.

Today our Yellow smells like Honey/camomile.
Our Orange like Lavender
and our Red like fire (the most fantastic smell from Boutriba for your fire child!)

Can't wait to get the boys from school!



To celebrate life....

Baking has a tremendous calming effect on the soul.

Roemer's amazing preschool,
chose to bake everyday for the first 3 months of the year,
just because so many children were new in the group.

It helped them to settle in,
to get comfortable with the daily routine.
To have a calming break in their busy play.

The children even mill whole grains to add to the flour.

So clever, right?


All our Love, Thoughts and Light,
are with Kelly, Kandyce and beloved ones.


'Anything you wish for' Cake

It still holiday,
so no screen printing for me.
After treating myself to Origami,
now a little something for the oven.

This is a basic recipe,
for anything you wish to have in a cake.

1 medium courgette (grated and left for a night to loose some liquid)
2 mashed bananas

add anything you like,

today I added:
soaked apricots and figs in little pieces.
Dried bananas and almonds on top.

100 g softened butter
150 g soft brown sugar
(I use way less or a spoonful honey/agave/maple syrup, if adding bananas or dried fruits)
2 eggs
200 g flour (I used Kamut flour today)
3 teaspoons of baking powder

Beat butter and sugar light and fluffy
Add eggs
Beat really hard.
Add flour and baking powder
Add your courgettes or banana mixture.

Put in a greased loaftin bake 40- 50 minutes at 180 degrees.


三〇 30

What one can do with 12
One could do with 30


折り紙携帯電話 origami mobile

我々は、今あなたの料理を楽しむからビーガンバナナパンです。よい休日を! バイバイ。

My dear neighbor showed me how to make these beautiful 3 d origami balls.
You can hide a little bell inside,
so the children hear them roll around the room.
We love them as a mobile.
A little universe,
in the corner of your new bedroom.