'Anything you wish for' Cake

It still holiday,
so no screen printing for me.
After treating myself to Origami,
now a little something for the oven.

This is a basic recipe,
for anything you wish to have in a cake.

1 medium courgette (grated and left for a night to loose some liquid)
2 mashed bananas

add anything you like,

today I added:
soaked apricots and figs in little pieces.
Dried bananas and almonds on top.

100 g softened butter
150 g soft brown sugar
(I use way less or a spoonful honey/agave/maple syrup, if adding bananas or dried fruits)
2 eggs
200 g flour (I used Kamut flour today)
3 teaspoons of baking powder

Beat butter and sugar light and fluffy
Add eggs
Beat really hard.
Add flour and baking powder
Add your courgettes or banana mixture.

Put in a greased loaftin bake 40- 50 minutes at 180 degrees.

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Juliane | Fröken Skicklig zei

Oh, a "Nothing-I-wish-more-but-that"Cake! Would you come over and have a cup of tea with me to brighten up a bedridden girl´s mind? If so, could you bring some of your delicious looking cake? And Origami paper?

Thank you so much in advance, Mrs Appeltaart, I put the key under the doormat for you...


Guusje zei

:-) That would be so cool!
I'll bring you a piece, dear Juultje!

la ninja zei

oooooooooooooh, lekker, zeg.
it sounds dead good, guusje, I may try it this w-end. yay. ta.

I have just read a post I had bookmarked and it could be just your sort of thing, I reckon.


not only healthy, but also very interesting (I basically LOVE the author of the blog, she writes wonderfully and makes you want to cook and bake all day long.)

april zei

hello again dear guusje :-) your little something looks just so mmmmmhhhhh....would like to join you and fröken skicklig for the tea, cake and origami party. would be so fun to talk and meet you. wish you a happy wonderful weekend*

;) zei

A creative recipe ! I like that ! Thanks ! I'll try...

Guusje zei

Thanks Ninja, i'll bookmark her!
looks pretty good to me!

Kenza zei

oh! delicious! happy week end!

Juniper zei

YOu inspired me, I made a banana oat almond version of your cake with the girls today- Thank you!!
Hugs and putting something in the post for you tomorrow!