MYO play dough

(dear CV readers all over the world,
Today I chose ' to do ' instead of digging in my collections ' to photograph ', believe me, I've got a few. Because I'm a little bit too tired due on-going building work, I need to focus on the simple things in life for a little while, the little things that make one happy.
So drawing, family life and tomorrow back in the Studio to screen print. Hooray!
Oh, and maybe have a few cupcakes! )

I know a lot of mother already posted this fun activity.
But I simply couldn't resist...

So much fun and so incredibly easy.

You will need:

1 cup of plain white flour
½ cup of salt
2 teaspoons of tartaric acid baking powder / wijnsteenzuur bakpoeder
(would that be cream of tartar?)

1 cup of water
1 tablespoon of oil + few drops of essential oil
food coloring (beet root water/ turmeric etc. or bought ones)

Put in saucepan, stir to get the lumps out.

Keep stirring!

It's like magic.

There is your dough.

Let it cool and knead for a couple of minutes before storing in an airtight container in your fridge.

Today our Yellow smells like Honey/camomile.
Our Orange like Lavender
and our Red like fire (the most fantastic smell from Boutriba for your fire child!)

Can't wait to get the boys from school!

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jane zei

i used to make this all the time... i miss those days:) sending you a big hug hello! i´ve missed your sunny corner. besos!

Melissa Righero zei

Oh thank you! I will be using this for my son (When old enough) Stored in my craft recipe box <3


The addition of colours is great - they look wonderful colourful and the scent is a funny idea as well.

Have to make one again very soon and will think of your colour and scents!

Take it easy and loads of love from us,


Grietje zei

Mooie kleurtjes, ze boffen maar met zo'n mama! Veel plezier met kleien.


Kenza zei

lovely! and thanks for recipe.

Barbaramama zei

Ooooh dat is mooie klei! Wordt het niet heel snel hard Guusje?

Ik ben benieuwd wat Kief en Roem zeiden! Ben ook beneiuwd wat ze er mee gaan maken...

anna zei

Heerlijk, voor alle zintuigen iets! Veel speelplezier zometeen :)

..die van mij is ook bijna klaar! Leuk, leuk :) (ik heb je reactie nog beantwoord!)

Jane zei

Oh leuk zeg, ziet er heel gezellig uit. Ben benieuwd wat je jongens er van maken.

Miriam zei

Je had een reactie op m'n blog achtergelaten dus ik dacht: kom ik ga eens buurten. Wát een ontzettend leuk blog heb je zeg, ik ga deze meteen in m'n feeds opnemen zodat ik je niet meer 'kwijtraak'. Hoei wat een inspiratie heb ik hier opgedaan het afgelopen uurtje!!!!


likeschocolate zei

Great colors. My boys love to play with play doh and we make it ourselves too. I use a recipe using jello, so the doh has a wonderful smell to it. Hope your children had fun playing with it.

Juniper zei

Oh what a nice bright post!!!
Your posts always make me smile, am loving this one, cool colours and very nifty idea with the scents!!! Curious about that fire scent!!!

Marjolijn zei

Oehhh die luchtjes...die wil ik proberen!
Mooie site trouwens ook, hoe heb je dat gevonden, en hoe vonden de mannetjes hun nieuwe fijnigheidjes?

Ik maakte het vroeger ook altijd voor de jongens, maar Jier at het altijd op, beetje kneden, beetje vrotten, beetje wat maken en af en toe een hapje:0)
Later bleek dat hij geen gluten mocht, dus stapten we over op bijenwas, vond'ie ook lekker :0)

Lollipop zei

thanks for the beautiful colors!!!

John zei

Great post. That looks like so much fun!

I'm going to have to try that with my boys!

I found some good other recipes here:

Playdough Recipe

My favorite is chocolate!

Guusje zei

Thank you, John, that is just perfect!!!!

;) zei

I keep this "recipe" ! Thanks

Hullabaloo Homestead zei

How wonderfully colorful!