Cupcakes and fabric

Inspired by all the cupcakes lately in Blogland
I made my own today!

And this lovely fabric,
is my OWN!
cool hey?
I designed my own.

I will make a beautiful tote bag out of it.
Does anyone know where I can buy leather straps
for bag makers like us?

xxx Guusje


Give away

Give Away

I just can't stop printing flowers all over the place.
They make me smile!

You were so enthusiastic about my flower dress,
that I will have a very special give away.

I will print a flower of your choice
on one of your dresses/t-shirts or other fabric.

You will send me the fabric,
I'll make a print
and will sent it back.

Don't choose your most expensive,
there is always a small change that things will go slightly wrong.
It will be your risk,
but I promise the change of that is really small.

So if you up for it,
sign in below,
I'll draw a winner next week!

Have a fun Monday.

x Guusje


The way back home

When Poppy was born,
my parents told us we could choose something special as a gift.
We had a long thought about it,
and came up with a wish.
But like many things in life,
it seemed that the right time wasn't there yet
to make the final decision to go and buy such luxurious gift.

This weekend,
Poppy gave me
(me, because Kees was out of town)
the scare of my life.
She got lost in the house,
at night time,
nowhere to be found.

I was hysterical
I thought I lost her.
After 10 horrifying minutes,
with all the neighbours searching with me,
we found her sleeping in Kiefer bed.
The little trooper made the journey up the stairs by herself
and found a better bed to sleep in!
I'm still recovering....
(Kiefer was with me at the time)

When I saw this necklace many, many months ago,
I knew it was the one for me.
After friday-night's incident,
I knew the time had come to go out and buy her.

It's a golden bell with a beautiful golden necklace.
Used for those who got lost
and need to come home again.

May our children always hear the little bell
around our necks
and find their way home safely
from their life travels.

Thank you, Mum and Dad
I'll never take it off!


Family life

16 PiratesEyes
16 bright red cupcakes
1 Happy '5 Year Old'

Suvi Ainoa and Appeltaart

Thank you Yanyan,
I think it's ridiculously cool
to hang in your shop :-)

I'm sorry,
it's has been so long,
I was a so busy enjoying family life.
Be back soon!


Cycling the kids to school

I must have been fall,
falling on my head.


Cooking with Mrs. Appeltaart

(Click to enlarge and print)

I love little pancakes,
they are perfect,
for family breakfasts
for friends who have spent the night
and have a little hangover!

This recipe is from Nigella,
our domestic Goddess,
with the body
Marilyn Monroe
the appetite
The Incredible Hulk



The newborn almost turns one...

When Poppy was born,
(the most spectacular, fast and perfect birth),
it took the midwife
a stunning hour and quart
to arrive to our house.
Not before she was born,
after she was born!

All went well,
except her temperature dropped too far,
she had been lying on my tummy too long
without some hot water bottles.

So we drove down to hospital
and had to give her to the doctor for examination
and warming up in a incubator.

All I was left with was a hospital bed
and this little blanket.
I had it glued to my nose,
it smelled so good!
I pre-washed it with the most gorgeous flower soap.
It smelled like hope.

Luckily, we found out a couple of hours later,
that she was al right.
No infections, no scary things,
just a little bit too cold because of the long wait for the midwife.

And now this favorite little blanket,
needs to grow with us!

Poppy Juniper will turn one the 14th of September.
So I'd better get on with it.


The Bags

I'm so proud to introduce you to a new product from Appeltaart.

'The Limited edition Organic shoppers'

Maybe a little bit big for the little ones.

The idea is to have a affordable bag
which is organically produced,
hand screen printed
and a bit of a collector's item too.
The bags will come in very, very limited editions.
once sold out,
they'll not be reprinted again.

If you like the idea of selling a unique organic bag
and have a (web) shop yourself,
I will be delighted to make special editions,
for your shop only.

We won't become rich,
but will be happy !
Drop me line via email:

Stay tuned,
there are more designs on their way.


The bags are screen printed on one side
with professional textile screen print inks.
They should be able to endure a good machine washing,
but to make sure Lion will remain his bright color,
I would recommend hand washing only.

I will have to design a proper logo soon!

I like my son so much,
that you can look at him twice.....

Thank you, dear Miki
for showing how Lion looks on an adult.


Old love

Sometimes you just fall in love again.
Today I came across two remarkable things.

The first found in my studio.
This flower was my very first print here in Holland.
I was so excited.
I couldn't wait to get home to show my love
what screen printing meant to me.

To show
is better than
to tell.

I framed the flower today and now it proudly hangs in my living room,
for me to remember that day.

The second remarkable thing
was found on my blog today.
I appreciate every visit here,
on my blog.
I can be very insecure sometimes,
especially about work stuff.
I often don't say a lot,
afraid to say all the wrongs instead of the rights.
So 'Followers' and 'Comments' are a super treat to me!
Often a motivation to go on with the whole online thing.

Today something special happened.
I pressed the icon of one of the new followers of this blog
(Thank you and be very welcome everyone!!!)
and was amazed to see
that the talented lady Helen Rawlinson is the designer of my lamp,
which I bought years ago when I lived in Winchester!!!!
Isn't that the coolest thing?
I'm so amazed!
Crossing each other in this big world
at different times in different ways
and take a little piece of each others world home.
I like!!!!

I still love my Lamp and always will!

PS. My organic cotton bags are on their way!!!


Textile marche

Cotton and Silk

Hang out to dry day and night

For those who would like to try this at home:

I used instand wallpaper glue.
So powder glue and water, stir and ready.

You can use any form you wish to use as a mould.
Try a cake mould and cover the outside
use balloons
(I used punchballs because I wanted them to be round and not oval and very big to use them as a light like the rice paper balls)

I think the silk is the most beautiful one, it's fragile, light and illuminates when you put a light in it.
But on the other hand, it looks very weirdy special to use thick cottons. Almost like you have used magic to hold the fabric together.

Soak them and put on object chosen as a mould,
leave to dry completely,
carefull when you take off/out the mould/balloon.

Good Luck!


first shoes

three images
a few words
a tidbit from the week
held close to my heart