Peach tart and competitions

Me proudly presenting
my first prize
won in England
for baking a cake!

I'm not really into contests,
competitions or games.
But in two weeks,
there will be a cake/tart/pie contest
in our street!

We are all practicing.
I'm ashamed to say,
I would love to win this contest.
Isn't that hilariously childish?
I'm already thinking of strategies,
recipes and methods.

It will not be easy,
we all love to bake around here.
And there are lots of foodies in our little street.
I wouldn't stand any change if this was a cooking contest,
but baking......

Yesterday we tasted the lime coconut cake next door,
today we will taste my peach pine kernel tart.
I combined several recipes,
hopefully it will taste good.

I made a plain crust dough,
added a hint of vanilla
and some toasted pine kernels.
I blind baked the crust for 12 minutes.

I bought some firm, but ripe peaches
sliced them up and covered them in melted butter(20 g),
a table spoon of fine caster sugar
and a table spoon of honey

I placed them carefully in the hot crust,
and baked till golden.
I finished with a glaze,
some peach jam with a tablespoon of water,
heated up in a saucepan.

We will taste it later,
when I bought some cream.
This tart screams for some added white stuff.

Happy Sunday everyone!

14 opmerkingen:

Emil und die großen Schwestern zei

delicious! beautiful images! i like your blog! éva

anna zei

This looks like a winner Guusje!
En een prijs in Engeland, dat is knap zeg..

Hier een plaatje voor bij het bakken ;)


Daan zei

hihi die gekke Guus!
Voor mij ben je al Koningin Appeltaart!! of wat zeg ik Perzikentaart!!

Zet hem op!! Guus for nr 1!!

besos sweet girl!

lisette zei

Ohhh lekker!! Dat moet lukken toch! Ik ga enorm voor je duimen..

The Muse of The Day zei

From across "the pond" I am drooling at your creation. It looks like something they would serve for breakfast up in heaven. Good luck. Carolina


Hmmm, this looks very very yummie!

Good luck Mrs. Appletaart,

XX Nina

P.S. Yes, the Jamie recipe was great and your tomatoes added was very delicious, we just had it for dinner (and the kids also for breakfast).

Le blÖg d'Ötli zei

You'll win ! I'm sure !

Keep a piece of this wonderful pie for me ;) Please !

gardenmama zei

wow this looks incredible!!
congratulations on your win!
fingers crossed for the next one xoxo

Maureen zei

Ziet er heerlijk uit...
Zet 'em op hé!

Juniper zei

Oh I wish I were visiting YOU in two weeks! That contest sounds fun all around, and your cake looks delicious!!! Good luck, looks like a winner!

Francesca zei

A street baking contest seems like a lot of fun, what a great way to build a community and enjoy yourself at the same time! You cake looks wonderful.

Janis zei

Oh I bet it tastes as good as it looks - IT IS BEAUTIFUL! Good luck!

jokemijn zei

oh jee, dat ziet er zo overheerlijk uit! voor mij ben je al gewonnen.

à petit bruit zei

Mmmmmmm! It looks like so good!