No-Knead Bread 2

100% sourdough no-knead bread
Jamie's italian chickpea soup

I rest my case.....


Waldorf Star Lanterns MYO!

It is time again!


Waldorf Star Lanterns

Prepare the day before:
Make a 'wet on wet' watercolor painting on good quality paper.
Let dry and rub the back lightly with a cloth dipped in vegatable oil.
Leave overnight.

Cut big circles out of you paper,
I used a the biggest plate I could find in the house.

Fold in eight equal pieces.

Trim off the round bits with a ruler, scalpel/scissors.

Fold it in 16 equal pieces.

Fold a square,
turn paper a 1/4,
fold square again.

Your paper looks like this.
Get the corners and fold backwards.
Unfold and turn 1/4,
fold a square again,
fold the other corners backwards,

Your paper looks like this, with little diamond folds everywhere! 
Those little diamonds are going to stay,
the big triangles need to be folded backwards.

(I know you are puzzled now, 
but have a close look at your paper,
you will work it out!)

You See?
Big triangle is going backwards,
the little diamond is staying in front.

After a few triangles,
start to shape the bottom a bit.

Hurry, make more before you'll forget!