It almost look like
 I do nothing creative
or designing
these days.....

But none of that is true
I'm working really hard
to find direction
for all new projects

When the time is right
I'll tell you  all about it!

Have a great weekend

xx Guusje


The making of Maantje's Mobile 3

All the moons are biscuit baked
they are beautiful white
still very fragile

I've been busy with glaze
in three colors

I am working on my transfer experiment too

& little wall drops

Have a good wednesday!

xo Guusje


The making of Maantje's Mobile 2

All the little porcelain moons
are leather dry.
None have broken during the process.

I've chosen not to wash the edges
with a damp cloth
I like them to be a bit

They will be backed in this kiln

I started my screen print on transfer paper project

Above is a test with Angobe color
on transfer paper
Next week more.

I'm already looking forward to it!

Happy wednesday


The making of Maantje's Mobile 1

of course
gets everything I love to make.

If I like to make a present really special
I wait with making
until the little wonder is on earth
only then I feel what suits best.

First to make, 
last to give,
her own porcelain
Appeltaart mobile.

A day after she was born 
I started.

All the little moons
are  drying now
for one week,
wrapped in plastic.
(otherwise they will dry to quickly and break)

They will go into the kiln 
next Tuesday
to be heated for the first time
at 1050 degrees Celsius.

I thought i would be nice to share with you
the making of a porcelain mobile
So people, 
like me a couple of months ago,
who don't have a clou what is involved
in making porcelain
could have a little peak
into a ceramic studio.

Keep you posted!


Screen Print: 'Spread the Love'

I found an old tin
on the market
from the sixties

I used the tin as an inspiration for this screen print
It is different,
but the feel and colors similar.
I wished I knew the name of the designer
there must be more!

There are 11 colors in this print

Thank you all for your get well wishes
I'll be running around the neighborhood soon again!

A big Kiss,