Queensday in Holland

'Out of bed surprise'


Stella's Little Project; Kiefer's 'Dream Rex'

Via Bkids we spotted this competition.

Kiefer loves to draw
made Dream Rex for Stella!

He would be over the moon to get your vote
in her contest

Thank you!



Screen Print: 'Roemer's Rocket'

Someone in our house is almost turning 4... 

Happy Easter!



Building A Magic Theatre in porcelain

I think 
i'm starting to love
making ceramics
just as much
as i love
 making screen prints...

have a lovely day!



It is not easy to design a very modest city garden,
that is:
 - edible
- looking good
- interesting for children
and a bit of fun

But today we gave our very best shot !

We collected stones

Made decisions where to extend the ground

Had some building fun

Had some building fun for me too

(I tried to use all the space between the rocks to make some mosaic) 

We painted our 100 % recycled green houses

& planted our Olive Tree

We had super fun today!

What will we do tomorrow?


Hannah Nunn

Hannah makes the most stunning (fairy) lights on earth!

You could even customize them.
And have the names of your loved ones
light up in the night!

They are are a perfect addition in our living space. 

At night time
we look at our fairy light collection
and are over the moon
with all those stars around us.

I thought I would have favorites,
but they are all absolutely magical.

They are here to stay!

Thank you so much,

You are a star. 


Screen Print: ' Le grand cirque des Etoiles et des Puces'


It seems,
I'm building series around me these days....



My studio is in need of a big spring clean up!
You know how much I love to screen print
and collect too!
But I'm working on so many new designs,
time to make some room....

Of course,
I could store my babies in drawers.
But they are much happier when they can have a look around!

Drop me a line if you like,
there is only one screen print available from the following pictures 

SOLD Zoolifant: 35 euro + postage
perfect state

SOLD Happy woods: the original try out screen print 65 euro+postage
good state

SOLD Happy trees: 65 euro + postage
perfect state

SOLD Girl in the forest: 35 euro +postage
perfect state

All my screen printed designs are made with the intention 'not to be perfect'. This give them a charming, vintage look. Each print comes out a little different, colors may vary a bit from what you see on your monitor. All screen prints will be wrapped in tissue paper and posted in a carton tube.

Appeltaart's Ceramic room

Porcelain is so fragile,
i often end up with broken pieces 
even before it goes in the kiln.

 I just have to keep on going
to make little experiments.
See what works and doesn't.

I'm determent to end up with a house full of
Magic Theaters!

So I'll keep you posted till boredom extraordinair till I get things right!

(CV darlings, I'll see you next week again!)

A big Appeltaart Kiss, 


Make a trade

  I hope Hannah likes them!


Screen Print: 'Family tree'

if you look really close

you might see
trees growing
in your apples....


Screen Print: ' Le Théâtre Magique'

La petite fille et l'éléphant

Le ciel magique

Le Theatre ♥  Le Sputnik

L'acrobate célèbre

Le Théâtre Magique dans la maison!

à bientôt,

♥ Auguste ♥