My studio is in need of a big spring clean up!
You know how much I love to screen print
and collect too!
But I'm working on so many new designs,
time to make some room....

Of course,
I could store my babies in drawers.
But they are much happier when they can have a look around!

Drop me a line if you like,
there is only one screen print available from the following pictures 

SOLD Zoolifant: 35 euro + postage
perfect state

SOLD Happy woods: the original try out screen print 65 euro+postage
good state

SOLD Happy trees: 65 euro + postage
perfect state

SOLD Girl in the forest: 35 euro +postage
perfect state

All my screen printed designs are made with the intention 'not to be perfect'. This give them a charming, vintage look. Each print comes out a little different, colors may vary a bit from what you see on your monitor. All screen prints will be wrapped in tissue paper and posted in a carton tube.

8 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

How wonderful Guusje. I love them all! And I am in need of a studio/ house clean too!

lou zei

oh why do i have absolutely zero money!!! If I did I would have the elephant - I have loved this one for such a long time. Wish I had something to trade!!! Maybe a photo print of something? Lou x

Wien zei

Te laat! Er staat ineens 'sold'! Ik houd je shop in de gaten :)

Guusje zei

Wien, misschien heb ik iets wat er op lijkt, email anders even welke je van de twee wilde hebben. Dan kan ik gericht snuffelen door mijn zeefdrukken :-)

ninainvorm zei

Oh nee, ik ben te laat... :(

Binnenkort een volgende ronde?

Guusje zei

Absoluut Nina, ik ben al aan het sorteren!


ninainvorm zei

Jeej! Dan ga ik vanaf nu neurotisch de hele tijd je blog refreshen zodat ik er de volgende keer sneller bij ben! ;)
(of met tent en slaapzak voor je blog gaan liggen? ;))

Guusje zei

hahaha grappig! :-)