Hannah Nunn

Hannah makes the most stunning (fairy) lights on earth!

You could even customize them.
And have the names of your loved ones
light up in the night!

They are are a perfect addition in our living space. 

At night time
we look at our fairy light collection
and are over the moon
with all those stars around us.

I thought I would have favorites,
but they are all absolutely magical.

They are here to stay!

Thank you so much,

You are a star. 

10 opmerkingen:

sanneke zei

Wow! Wat is je huis toch leuk, Guusje! De lampjes passen er perfect in.

Laura zei

Wat een mooie toverlampjes! Mooie lampen maakt ze ook, wij gaan sparen!

Hannah Nunn zei

Oh my absolute God. They look SO beautiful in your house Guusje. I LOVE your house with all it's garlands and lights. They suit it so very well. Thankyou so so so much for showing me your beautiful pictures!

It's moments like these that make it all worthwhile! :)

AND just now I recieved my beautiful droplets and it was such an exciting package to unwrap. I will find a home for them and show you soon!

love Hannah xxxxx

Unknown zei

OOOH! Your blog is right up my street! lovely, lovely, lovely!! :)

ninainvorm zei

Wat ziet het er prachtig uit! En inderdaad zo sprookjesachtig, die lichtjes!

Mia zei

Wow - your house looks so pretty with alll those lights - lovely!

MUS zei

lieve guusje,
wat mooi!

p.s. dank voor je lieve verrassing gister in de bus!!
heb er al een mooi plekje voor gevonden.
(en passend bij het kaartje als het kaartje past bij poppy ;))

Anki zei

Die lampjes zijn inderdaad ontzettend Guusje! :) Mooi!

Helmi zei

Ben net even gaan kijken bij Hannah. Inderdaad erg mooi, staat erg mooi in je huis.
grt, Helmi

busma zei

wow...those lamps look VERY NICE in your house