We absolutely love the little playhouses
at Roemer's pre-school.
There is no downside to them play wise,
you can't push them over,
lots of storage space,
the arch is the most lovely one I've ever seen,
beautiful wood.....

Then there is the price.
These are Eibe kinder garden toys and costs easily 1500 euro.
No surprise you won't find them at ordinairy homes.

We are waiting for the mushroom season to be over indoors.
(believe me, you don't want to know why....
but if you must:
Poppy had a few nibbles from a deadly poisonous mushroom,
She is perfectly save and healthy after being monitored
48 hours in hospital).
We are staying safe at home to watch her adventurous daughter.
So we've
turned the 'all grown up' living room,
into a toddler playroom,
for indoor season.

To be honest,
I like to have toys around me.
I so much enjoy to watch children play.

We received so many lovely Ostheimer animals,
for Poppy's bithday (yahooooo!)
Now we have many
and boy, they like to play with them lots!

Happy week everyone.
have a lovely St Michael's Feast.
I will make one of the two breads tomorrow,
so better get started....



I have a terrible busy day today,
so nothing else but a quick photo of my latest design.
I made it for my sons and nephews
(but sure will appear on Poppy's dresses)
I will print them today on t shirts and pillowcases,
maybe some napkins too.

The drawing was ok,
but the screen print is awesome if you ask me.
It totally has the dragon feel to it.
(I shouldn't say this about my own work, should I?)
But hey, somedays you need to be a little proud, not?
I hope they will like him....

have a great Friday,
Appeltaart Kiss to all.


On perfect days....

you'll go on a treasure hunt

you'll look for hazel and walnuts

you'll leave them to dry for poorer times

you'll pick some strawberries on your way to the tomatoes

you'll stretch till you reach the very best ones

you'll check your harvest from time to time

and proceed collecting and exploring

you'll come to mama and show her what you've found

you'll try your freshly found treasure and spit it out again

you'll wait for your brother's big plan

to get all the hazels out

you'll collect


collect and explore some more

to finally make your journey

the way back home

what a lucky day



Sunshine Lions too!


I tried the tree and sunshine Lion on duvet covers......

On beautiful Cranson paper......

Heavy cotton bags.....
(soon available at PUUR speelgoed)

In Photoshop.....

Not on top off the birthday cakes.....

On pillowcases.......

And on front and back sides!

It worked!


Apples & Dragons

My kids go to a Waldorf school.

Autumn + Waldorf = Crafting & Celebrations
(and a whole lot of apples & dragons).

My latest screen print is this fruitful Appletree.

All children attending a Waldorf school,
are learning euritmie
and euritmie comes with special shoes.
(Note: Euritmie is especially favorite with older boys....)
And those shoes need to be stored in the hallway in little bags.
The bags in front of our classroom door are there for 28 years now
and need to be replaced.
Miss Teacher is celebrating her birthday next week,
so every parent needs to decorate a little bag.

Dragons everywhere in this house,
so I was easily inspired....

Another autumn thing in a lot of households is baking.
I'm trying to perfect the 'No knead' method.
It turned out my oven came with a special manual.
We spent more time with each other then Love&Me,
and surely fight more.
But we are getting there....

Better get breakfast going.

Happy weekend!


My design on your Fabric!

I enjoyed my latest give away.
My designs screen printed on Pien's fabric!

(design flower 1)

I am wondering a lot lately (and longer too),
about designing fabrics.
I even went to school for it.
I like to be able to design
and take care of my children at home at the same time.

So I thought about
all those talented ladies around the world,
so many creative crafters.
Why can't we collaborate a bit more?
You sent your own favorite fabric,
I screen print your chosen design on top of it.

I get to work a lot greener
(less fabrics in stock, no left stash)
and screen prints can be a bit cheaper.

we' ll all benefit.

(design flower 2)

This is the idea:

- You email Appelltaart with your ideas and thought about my print on your fabric (location print(s) and color(s))

- Colors available: Black, White, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Orange, Purple.

- Your fabric is pre-washed without using a softener (!)

- You'll sent the fabric to my studio, I'll hand screen print it and sent it back.

- One hand screen print will be 19,50 euro( on cotton/ tricot/ jersey/ polyester blends)
Prices on demand on silks/ heavy linens/ curtains and other more difficult fabrics,
or multiple prints on 1 piece of fabric.
Exclusive postage costs.

Of course, I am no screen printing robot.
Things can go wrong.
It happens, not often, but they do sometimes.
If so I will pay you the textile costs (within reason, we will discuss that before hand).

Note: My screen prints are always slightly imperfect,
I think it gives then charm and warmth and this adds character.
Do not let me print your fabric if you can't live with that idea.
This is a handmade product.

What do you think?

I'll just go for it and wait what will happen.....

I better start designing!!!

Have a great wednesday!


Gingerbread man

All these cookie cutters in the house,
and my favorite is still missing.
For two years now.
My very fancy Gingerbread man,
with buttons, face and all!

I know he must have run off,
every book tells me over and over.
But I can't believe from all the families around,
he would not stay at ours,
Sure we will eat all his clones,
but never ever 'The Man' himself!

I'm seriously considering an other.
Will anyone know a good man to order online?
(these days it's perfectly fine, to order a man online, I've been told)

Last night,
I decided to screen print some Gingerbread men.
I love how they came out.
A front and backside,
so I can turn them into decorations too.
They are so happy!
We are so ready for coming season
with all her festivities.

After showing all the cookie cutters to my children,
they love to look at every one of them,
we had to do some baking of course.
The Halloween and Pirate cutters were favorites this time around.
We made chocolate and vanilla dough.

We couldn't use Poppy around,
so we locked her in a treasure chest and gave her a magic popsicle to keep calm.

(Disclaimer: she is having a sore throat and love to sit in the box)

PS. The rabbits work well!
The boys love them.

Happy weekend,


Cookie Cutters

Do I have to be ashamed of myself
Love myself to bits?

(Did I mention I like to bake cakes too,
but that is an other story.....)


Doodoo & CV 'school'

winner give away is PIEN

Poppy and I had the most lovely time,
visiting Juniper and meeting Nadine,
in sunny Malta.
Poppy was amazing in the airplane,
I think nobody noticed there was a baby in the house.
Pop Rocks!

When I entered the house,
after I kissed my boys,
I had to look at these new toys.
They had been busy sawing, gluing and hammering.
I bet they did not had any time left to miss us!

Today I've been sewing.

Girls (i always wonder if any boy will read blogs this style)
who have been around here,
know that I'm head over heels in love with
Tessa Kiros and her books.
Especially 'Apples for Jam' ♥

One anecdote tells us,
she and her sister,
carried bunny's around in there pockets.
I love the idea of a pocket friend.
And I loved the photo of the bunny's.

One boy in our family,
needs a friend or two sometimes.

He is not fond of going to school.
He likes to stay with me.
So I made him the bunny's,
for some extra help.

Recipe thankfully copied from Tessa's cookbook.
I will sent her two to show her my gratitude!
If only I could find her address (anyone??)

I added the son's Pirate's eye,
for some boy's coolness
and filled them with rice,
so the'll trow extra hard.
(To all girl-moms: boys like to play a little rough)

We love them.
The boy already has an Orange duo next to his pillow.
Pirate bunny will join him tomorrow in his pocket,
Mom Bun will wait for him at home.

Brother and sister Pirate
will wave him goodbye.
And wish him luck and joy,
with an other adventure at school.


On Holiday!


(prints will be posted next week)