Doodoo & CV 'school'

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Poppy and I had the most lovely time,
visiting Juniper and meeting Nadine,
in sunny Malta.
Poppy was amazing in the airplane,
I think nobody noticed there was a baby in the house.
Pop Rocks!

When I entered the house,
after I kissed my boys,
I had to look at these new toys.
They had been busy sawing, gluing and hammering.
I bet they did not had any time left to miss us!

Today I've been sewing.

Girls (i always wonder if any boy will read blogs this style)
who have been around here,
know that I'm head over heels in love with
Tessa Kiros and her books.
Especially 'Apples for Jam' ♥

One anecdote tells us,
she and her sister,
carried bunny's around in there pockets.
I love the idea of a pocket friend.
And I loved the photo of the bunny's.

One boy in our family,
needs a friend or two sometimes.

He is not fond of going to school.
He likes to stay with me.
So I made him the bunny's,
for some extra help.

Recipe thankfully copied from Tessa's cookbook.
I will sent her two to show her my gratitude!
If only I could find her address (anyone??)

I added the son's Pirate's eye,
for some boy's coolness
and filled them with rice,
so the'll trow extra hard.
(To all girl-moms: boys like to play a little rough)

We love them.
The boy already has an Orange duo next to his pillow.
Pirate bunny will join him tomorrow in his pocket,
Mom Bun will wait for him at home.

Brother and sister Pirate
will wave him goodbye.
And wish him luck and joy,
with an other adventure at school.

24 opmerkingen:

Kenza zei

Hello! Hello! Welcome back. I am certain you had a wonderful time with Juniper and I don't doubt a second that "Pop rocks!"

**EYE-SNACKS** zei

o,o they are really qute!
By the way nice saying : " Pop rocks"

Annemiek zei

Lief, die konijntjes!

Roos zei

Toffff Guusje! Ga je ze ook verkopen (of heb ik dat nou gewoon gemist)? Mijn peutertje had zijn eerste peuterschooldag en het liefst had ik 'm gewapend met 'iets' op pad gestuurd...

Guusje zei

Zeker wel, misschien nog een variatie...
maar eerst nog even tijd nodig, daar heb ik het minste van. ;-)

Unknown zei

Oh my! These little bunnies are too cute for words! Did you print them yourself? You are clever. I know a certain boy who would love one too...to feel brave.

Daan zei

koele Tessa Kirosknijnen.

Hier ging een plastic cowboy te paard mee in de schooltas, gewoon om te weten dat hij in de tas zat, als Roofs kleine geheimpje.
De dagen op school zijn nog even wennen ;-)

Daan zei

Het zijn gewoon precies de konijntjes van Tessa Kiros!! ik vond ze in het verrukkelijke om te watertanden boek.

liset zei

Welkom thuis weer. Goed te lezen dat je het fijn had samen met Poppy. En wat een schatjes konijnen.


Oh, what a brave tall boy and the pirates will do him good.

I can understand his feelings so much, I am still like it today and I am amazed how different the tall girl is. She is so self confident and strong when it comes to going back to kindergarden but I am very happy she is like that even when I am having tears in my eyes and getting up each morning is not very easy until I'm back in the "time after 5 weeks of holiday" routine.

But that's a thing Moms have to learn "letting go"...

Big hug to you and little sweetiepie will be 1 year very soon...


Miriam zei

Ik ♥ die knijntjes!!! Komen ze ook in de verkoop?


erika zei

Wow, that sounds like a good trip, much better than those rainy days here in Holland! Leuke konijntjes!

Marjolijn zei

Té gave konijnenkontjes!

Knufje voor de speelgoedkunstmannen en ook eentje voor de reizigersters!

Sjaantje zei

Gaaf die konijntjes!!!

Grietje zei

Wat een schatjes zeg! Goed idee om rijst te gebruiken...gooit idd lekker en komt niet zo hard aan als houten rails (die kleine prins vanmiddag zelf op z'n koppie gooide)


Victoria | Hibiscus Bloem zei

How lovely. What a great idea for your boy. A little bunny friend for him all the time.

Cate zei

a family of amazing artists! i think i needed a bunny today. such a wonderful thing.

la ninja zei

school bunnies. if only it worked with old teenagers, I'd take them with me...

anna zei


Theresa zei

Sweet to see you again. I'm jealous that you got to visit Juniper. Lucky you.

Francesca zei

That is so sweet Guusje! I'm sure they must have helped.

Maia zei

LOVE the rabbits!!!

Kim zei

Guusje! Wonderwoman! Wat een ubercoole, stoute konijntjes! Terwijl je man ook nog even vliegtuigen en boten bouwt om van te watertanden! Ik weet waar Pop dat rocken van heeft! Zoen van de arme tak van de familie uit A'dam

Daphne zei

I love Pirate bunny :)