one bug a day......

we are not good at fasting....


Screen printed textiles

said the frame
while I was cleaning her


dolls and stuff

Li had sent me the most amazing doll.
Really, really cute and beautiful made.
You can see the doll on her website.
Thank you, Lisette-Li.
I love her!

I thought I'd sent a few things for her walls.
Hope she likes it,
I love little swaps but it also makes me terribly insecure.
I'm not at home today, so will join CV next week again.
xo g


Inspiration recipe book swap

When Kees worked in an international job
before the cup tribe members were born,
we often travelled together.
He at work, the lady in town.
It was so romantic!
I couldn't help feeling a bit like a lady as seen in American movies,
traveling along with your busy, business husband.

I love to explore cities by myself.
We went Paris a lot.
Me in my best outfit,
pretending to live there (Don't say a single word!)
wondering off to the best patisseries,
the best bakers and the biggest épiceries.
I know for sure, i still have a lot to look for,
when I go back,
but the memories still make me smile.

I will never forget when I had breakfast at Fauchon's
and had the most lovely Madeleines I'd ever tasted.
Poor me, they ran out of diamonds ;-)


3 eggs
100 g caster sugar extra fine
150 g flour
100 g butter melted
grated peel of 1 lemon
grated peel of 1 orange

oven 200 degrees
grease madeleine/ muffin tin with butter

Mix eggs and sugar till fluffy and light yellow
ently fault in flour, butter and peel.
Spoon into tin.
Put in oven 12 minutes or until golden.


off to spring

it just won't stop raining in Delft today


Haute Couture in between feeds

Getting ready for the opening evening of:

We loved it!

The house next door.


I was shocked to find out how much money you can spend on your house.
Of course, you can buy your favorite designer's chair spending loads.
But I'm talking about basic funky things for the cupgirl and boys
Apart that we never could afford wallpaper costing at least 200 euro for one wall,
i don't find it comfortable to spend so much money on those kind of things.

So time to get a little bit creative here.
Two jobs done,
I found a little cabinet for tiny cupcake.
In the 'not at all fancy' recycle store.
And a bed for biggest cupcake.
A gift from the neighbors, who got it from our other neighbors.

And maybe, I can do something with this sweet domino game (mini Labo).
Frame them all or make a mosaic?
And for sure I will make a screen print for children in two weeks (holiday next week)
to print on top of the walls? Or frame some? Make my own wallpaper?
We will find out when we get there.

All your ideas, websites and fantastic decoration blog tips, WELCOME!!!!


Screen printing

Yesterday was Thursday again,
it's starting to be my favorite day of the week.
Screen Printing is just totally my cup of tea.
I love it!

I'm looking forward to try some more complicated designs,
different layers and computer stuff, etcetera.
Hopefully the cupcakes give me some time to spent upstairs.
I'll keep you posted!

By the way:
I really enjoy all your blogs daily,
I'm truly sorry that I don't comment a lot lately,
I'm so busy with the cupgirls and boys,
and the house.


Storage bag

You need:
nice neighbors where you can stop by for some left over wools and cottons.
one crochet needle.

good luck!


What some can do....

but sure not I....

knitted by Tineke
wool dyed and bought by Sokssawat


Screen printing

Some of you know that we lived in England for four years.
When I was there life treated me and us on very good things.
I went to Winchester school of Art (Textile design/ Textile Art) and had Kiefer and Roemer. What a joy!

At Art school, I've learned how to screen print on fabrics. We did the whole works.
Dye and ink workshops (imagine gloves, glasses, mouth caps and special air suction above your workspace to mix toxin powders with base in every color imaginable.
'Glue your own frame' workshops, wooden and aluminum.
I still remember how the smell of glue made my eyes burn.
And of course the actual screen printing on the most weird fabrics we could find in charity shops.
We had a good time!

I thought it was time for me to get back in the saddle.
So I've booked myself a screen printing course across the street and yesterday was the first time again I've printed with big frames.
Things didn't go that well, but there is hope for the future! I sure had good fun.

Next step:
Practice, practice, practice,
buy my own frames,
print at home.
Sell print in my shop.

Meet the monsters! (they are size A2!)


corner View: 'Repurpose'

What's the deal with kids and medicine pots?


Vintage clothes for little cupcake

Thank you Sarah
for your time to shop, find and send these lovely vintage dresses.
I will treasure them,
just like past generations,
so our grandchildren
will blog about them again
and again
and again.......

Home Sweet Home

After a night and a day of SuperJuice,
this baby is well rested, calm and her happy self again!

Hopefully her tummybug is soon gone.
The washing machine told me this morning, she will go on strike if I don't give her a an all-inclusive resort weekend soon.

Thank you so much for all your warm thoughts and reactions. It means a lot!!!



Pops (and I) will stay in hospital for a few days. She has a tummybug and is dehydrated. She lost a lot of weight, so we will do the next few days everything we can to get her back on track and give her back het chubby cheeks.

See you next week in good health hopefully.
I'll give her a big kiss from you all.


Corner View: Sweets

'About 250 years ago, People start selling Yatsuhashi as a souvenir. Now Yatsuhashi is the most popular souvenir in KYOTO. Yatsuhashi is traditional Japanese cookies made from Rice flour with cinnamon. OTEBE-chan is MAIKO girl in Kyoto. She loves CHOCOLATE coated YATSUHASHI very much.'

I don't have a clue if these are the 'clogs and tulips' of Japan, but I love that I can't read the ingredient list, the fact the tin opens on the other site and the knowledge it travelled a long way.

Welcome and thank you, our new neighbors from Japan!