Screen printing

Yesterday was Thursday again,
it's starting to be my favorite day of the week.
Screen Printing is just totally my cup of tea.
I love it!

I'm looking forward to try some more complicated designs,
different layers and computer stuff, etcetera.
Hopefully the cupcakes give me some time to spent upstairs.
I'll keep you posted!

By the way:
I really enjoy all your blogs daily,
I'm truly sorry that I don't comment a lot lately,
I'm so busy with the cupgirls and boys,
and the house.

9 opmerkingen:

Patricia zei

Moooie kleuren en vormen!!!!
...heel mooi!

jane zei

i can´t wait to see everything! happy weekend!

;) zei

C'est très joli !!! Encore

Michaja zei

Mooi, je maakt me nieuwsgierig naar de rest.

Dina zei

Glad you find some time to be creative......my littlest cupcake here is a very demanding one and wants to be held alot!! she does not like to sleep alot !! so leaves me tired, messy house and all that.........oh well good weekend to you.
Love the printing. On what will you use this?

Michaja zei

Was hij niet blauw eventjes terug?

Guusje zei

Poppy is awake a lot, Dina, I totally know what you mean by letting the house go messy and other stuff you ought to do, but don't.....I spent hardly any time on cooking, that is another hobby, but not now, no time at all.
I made these prints on acrylic paper, they are in my shop and I will print on fabric, I already have textile paints in my studio!

I made a promise to myself to do one creative thing a day, every day, to keep me me.

Theresa zei

I used to love printmaking. Kinda miss it.

Juniper zei

Don't worry dear, know how it goes! Have fun with the class and your new space!