Corner View

I'm positive the Martians can see them at night!


30 days of challenges


My son Kiefer calls him
'The friendly dragon'.
With his stars and moon
he watches over my boys at night
keeps them safe asleep
and makes sure their dreams
are soft and sweet.

I made this mobile
especially for Roemer
Boy, how 'right on the spot' can a pregnant girl be?

Roemer is as brave as a dragon.
As destructive as a dragon
(seriously, toys are NOT safe in our house)
and can spit fire like no human being can do.
But Roemer is also
as magical as a dragon.
Little golden sparks fall of him as he walks,
even strangers with a good eye can tell.
He carries no worries in this life!
Tell me, are dragons hilarious as well?

So his task will be,
to manage the dragon
he carries with him.

My dragon this year,
will be to safely guide the dragon,
and his Lion brother,
trough life.

Oh, and did I mention
to get to know the tiny little flower,
who is blossoming in our house ?

I'm not gonna be modest and
wish myself the very best of luck and wisdom, this year!
I will sure need it.

Tell me,
what is your dragon to fight this year?
Forgive my curiosity,
but I'm just dying to know!


30 days of happiness


In preparation for St Michael tomorrow,
we baked a Dragon Bread.


30 days of happiness


Do I need to say more?


30 days of happiness


Don't we all just love the RAINBOW?

This one will be for the groovy green cod.


corner View

Not in the car yet!


30 days of happiness


kabouter Pop
Gnome Pop


30 days of happiness


Today a Little bird flew in
Poppy caught the wish
made just for her
Thank you, bird

We hope all your wishes come true!


30 days of happiness


A long cherished dream
was to photograph my newborn in bellyhome position
I was to late with my boys
they already stretched
within days
So Pops will fill in the blanks
in our photobook!


30 days of happiness


Please, Forgive me
this one more show off

Today Poppy got hugged by a special friend
Just the warmth she needed!

Thank you, Daan, we will open a gift everyday!
And thank you Sokssawat for making beautiful things!

PS. Jane will you send me your address, you have won the give away!


30 days of happiness


Poppy sends you all a Milky Kiss
for your lovely wishes
Thank you all
We are Deeply Moved

I know it sound incredible trivial
But it's a highly important event in a babies and mummy's life
when the milkfairy
delivers her milk
to the waiting hotmilk mum's
And maybe even husbands welcome their new Pamela's also with great enthusiasm.
So another happy Popsy day


30 days of happiness



born at 0h.31m, 14th of September
3100 grams

Our very first photo
waiting for the midwife to show up

Yep, I thought we were just getting started,
no more pathetic contractions, but finally some serious stuff.
I remember thinking, things are getting awkward
And just in time to call Kees from upstairs comforting Roemer,
this beauty shows up!
Crying, breathing, drinking and being charming
she does it all.
Only, she's a bit cold we all see after two hours.
So, in the middle of the night,
we got in our little camper van
Poppy rapped in blankets,
mum and dad running around parking lots, like Joseph and Mary
looking for a place to stay with our newborn.

Poppy was within hours in her glasshouse
the princess of warmth and Royal pinkness
After a full day in hospital
to double check she could stay warm on her own
we went home to our castle.

Thankful and on big pink clouds
we are getting started
with our life shared with

Poppy Juniper

lucky us!

PS. When I met the lovely mom of three little monkey's, in Winchester's city park, I knew if we would ever gave birth to a little girl, her name would Juniper.
Kees couldn't agree more!
So thank you, Jupe, for being such a lovely!


30 days of happiness



Still empty!


30 days of happiness


Today is the day, I consider myself as READY.
I spoke to one of my three midwives yesterday
and finally there was some excitement in her eyes
for the first time, I felt a little less number
a little bit more 'mum to be for the 3th time'.

I miss England in these times
I miss Sally, my dearest midwife.
she came around for coffee every week
from 30 weeks onwards
telling me facts and tails about labour and childbirth
funny stories about babies
you could call her any time , day or night
she was the one delivering your baby.
Stuck to your hip from one to ten.
No, whoever is there on duty or we will come back later

Don't get me wrong
I'm not complaining or scared.
I'm looking forward
to look her in the eyes
to breast feed her for the first time
to smell her caramel breath
to show her to my boys
to lie in bed for days.

The numbers are on the fridge.
The two super soft hats are on top of the baby towels
next to the warm water bottles.
Her freshly bought woolen romper suit
and super soft cotton outfit
waiting in the crib.

But if
she decides to come a little bit later than now
I could paint some freshly plastered walls
decorate a bit more
sort the toys
clean up the shed
and crochet a bit more


30 days of happiness


The Dutch Waldorf/Steiner community make all kinds of seasonal decorations.
Displayed on a beautiful table,
made with the greatest precision and care.
Especially to look at, not mend to play with.

In my household, these facts are not working.
One, everything will be touched and explored
Two, Mummy has her one stubborn style
So, some new additions for our Autumn table
Not finished yet,
but we are sure happy with our start.

Next question
Where to put them?

PS. Thanks to Mus!
I made an Apple of Felt, especially for your cosy Apple warmer. We like it!!!


30 days of happiness

HAPPY SIX (Thank you MissVanHAm)

Roemer tasted his very first Hailstones today
I caught and froze them, especially for him, a couple days ago
so he wouldn't miss them while sleeping

It made us all happy watching him being happy

in between

Wool Question

Have you ever seen the fantastic hand knitted woolen pants for babies?
Well, I would love to knit a few, but all the wool I ordered is too rough.
Really, no soft gentle baby feeling,
but almost ready to be made into rugs.
Do you have a good tip for me,?
What kind of wool or mix do I need for soft baby gear?

Thank you million times!


30 days of happiness


I believe in Pixies, do you?

After the first Pumpkin soup of the season, I crocheted my day away........
What did you do today?


30 days of happiness


I'm happy to finally put my feet up!


30 days of happiness


After my date with, oh yes, the floor, I planned another one with the sewing machine to make my mobile.
And girls, I am pleased with the result, simple but effective.
I like that.
The objects are placed in line and I will sure sell these and other themed ones when I open my tiny shop in a while.
Hopefully our babe will like it as well.

Since my date and I really got along this afternoon, I also made some tiny pillows to put in bed and closet. Cotton filled with wool especially for my favorite essential oils.

And to thank you for all your lovely blog support (can you all still cope with the happiness???), I really appreciate every single comment, you can have a little set as well. Sign up, tell me what your favorite essential oil is, and this bag with Smelly, Happy Pillows will maybe fly to your bed! I'll choose a winner next week. I wonder with who I will end up in bed!
Oh, big Sis, I made you a set on the house!

Good Luck


30 days of happiness


Today had a busy start, I had to hard wax one floor and white washed the other. Happy that's over.

After that, we had coffee in a little lunchroom, always a pleasure!

Then we had a refreshing walk, I sure needed one, and it was lovely. We even spotted very big elf benches. September Blisssssss.

And maybe the happiest news of the day, I am the proud owner of a nursing bra with the hilarious name: