30 days of challenges


My son Kiefer calls him
'The friendly dragon'.
With his stars and moon
he watches over my boys at night
keeps them safe asleep
and makes sure their dreams
are soft and sweet.

I made this mobile
especially for Roemer
Boy, how 'right on the spot' can a pregnant girl be?

Roemer is as brave as a dragon.
As destructive as a dragon
(seriously, toys are NOT safe in our house)
and can spit fire like no human being can do.
But Roemer is also
as magical as a dragon.
Little golden sparks fall of him as he walks,
even strangers with a good eye can tell.
He carries no worries in this life!
Tell me, are dragons hilarious as well?

So his task will be,
to manage the dragon
he carries with him.

My dragon this year,
will be to safely guide the dragon,
and his Lion brother,
trough life.

Oh, and did I mention
to get to know the tiny little flower,
who is blossoming in our house ?

I'm not gonna be modest and
wish myself the very best of luck and wisdom, this year!
I will sure need it.

Tell me,
what is your dragon to fight this year?
Forgive my curiosity,
but I'm just dying to know!

8 opmerkingen:


I love the post and how you describe Roemer.

You will have the luck and strength and nerves and all you need for making your task, I'm sure about that.

My dragon?

Like you, to help and guide my two little ones through their lifes and also take some time for myself (to recharge batteries, which have been running for 3 years days and nights now).

BIIIIG Hug to you sweet Mami!

Jolanda zei

Not living with a deltamind. So I'm trying to live right here, right now (not thinking of the past or the futher)

Sandra zei

My own dragon is coming to terms with the fact that working outdoors is necessary and not always feeling torn apart in missing so much of my little one. Finding more of a balans in my own life and mind.

Bree zei

life is a dragon

wanna spit some fire

Maia zei

You are SOOOO talented...and I particularly love your dragons. What a wonderful world your kiddos will grow up in!

Juniper zei

What a lovely post Guusje! YOu have me thinking about my dragon.... will have to return with an answer. Perhaps as stated by Sandra, finding balance - mind/body ..children/alone space, and bringing fun back into the everyday small moments (or at least trying to remember to do so)

Anoniem zei

My dragon?
Think you can guess..
Dealing with life as it is given to you.
And some patience, while wandering our own roads in life..
This years they are so big those dragons :(

Unknown zei

my dragon is keeping focused on what's important & give my own little dragon roots and wings :)