Spring Swap

Daan and I think it's time to swap again.

See Daan & Guusje's Happy Talk for all information/ future updates and what to do to join the club!


mobile lamp

To make your own, you'll need:
A ceiling cover (how do you call them?) from an old lamp.
Electrical cord used for irons.
A suitable glass bulb plus holder (I used a porcelain one)
A ring from an old lampshade.
Collectables, we used special toys and gifts.
Wire to attach them all.

Have fun!


Corner View: Hang out with the Girls today!

A couple of minutes walk from our place is this little cafe, my favorite place to hang out.

The manager's name is just the coolest!

The parrots are so funny, they speak to everyone around.

Cheers CV mates!


Unpacking boxes

We are slowly starting to unpack boxes that where closed for nearly two years.
I already had a glimpse at old pieces of work, sketchbooks and my dear knitting machine.
The memories that comes with that machine!
The hours and hours of frustration, learning to control her,
euphoric moments of joy because your precious work did not drop of the thing,
the sore body after days hard work,
the long intimate conversations, safely tucked away behind a threat network, with my Art-collage mates,
or the sound of 20 people at work in a completely silent studio.

The idea, that very soon, the thing will be spinning again, makes me so happy.
To good old times,


Flow your own!

For this little girl's room, I've made a fun collage.
All you have to do is buy a copy of Flow magazine.
They have the most amazing illustrations.



Little things on wood

We don't want to waste any wood in this house,
so it's time to make a few wall-art thingies myself.

By the way:
The Wall-Mart is going great!!!
Thank you so much!


Frozen Raspberries Clafouti for instant summer happiness.

Surf to Tulipe and read how you can make this deliciously light Clafouti in no more than 5 minutes!

Bon appetite!


Corner View: What are you wearing?

I love clothes,
specially in favorite are dresses,
cotton tights and boots.
I wear them every day.
You get used to the lightness of a dress.
Jeans are ultra cool, but it feel so restricted after so many dresses.
Some days I try,
but at 7 p.m.
when I'm taking my 'let the day go' shower,
i'm extra happy to get rid of the jeans.


I've got
cotton ones,
woolen ones
silk ones,
chic ones,
jeans ones
new ones,
old ones.

Especially old ones these days.
I really need to get out there and spoil myself.
But hey when I go out and buy for me,
i more fancy a beautiful skein of wool,
or a great new drawing block
or some new ink pens,

So I will dedicate my big fashion coming out to my latest and most precious accessory.
My Poppy Juniper in, oh yes, the most beautiful ringsling this mum could find!

Cheers Pop, thank you for making heads turn,
so that mum doesn't have to look so good!

x mummy



The first....

The very first ink line drawing is made for Elianne.
An elephant for good luck.

Go all to have a look at her blog,
her photography is stunning.
I am so lucky that one of her photo's
will be hanging on our wall soon.
Thank you!


Wall-mart invitation to all of you!

In February we will become the proud owners of the house next door.
Two little houses will become one big one.
A bedroom for everyone,
a playroom for the children,
and our own studio space!

I'm not a big poster fan,
we love little handmade things on our walls.
They are so much more alive.

With all these walls to decorate,
I'll make you a proposal, you hopefully will like as much as I do:

My 'Anything on the wall' artwork will be send to you,
your 'Anything on the wall'- artwork will be send to me!

You make what you like, as long it's suitable to hang on the walls.
I'll will do my very best to make something nice for you as well.

I'm so looking forward to have a tiny piece of you, blogfriends,
glued on our walls.
Fab idea, don't you think?

A creative kiss, Guusje

PS. Anything means Anything,
photographs, collage, prints, textiles, whatever you fancy to make.



Fun Collage

Maybe you have noticed,
I'm getting my rusty drawing skills
polished up!
Hopefully you won't be too bored.

Big Kiss, scribbly Guusje


We love our Vintage finds!

Playskool fun plaid:

Brinta (Dutch processed oat porridge) container:

Grandmum's fantastic recycle store find:


Happy New Year!

This is one of the things I've done in my holiday, apart from eating and spent time with family.
It's fairly fine wool, needle 2,5 mm. I like it!
I just received my first ordered wool from Diversan.
So I will make many more.
Like my dear friend M. says:
' It's kind of addictive to crochet your own bags.'

So here's to the new year:
Wish you a productive time in good health and spiritual fortune

A revitalized Kiss for you,