Waldorf Star Lantern MYO!

Prepare the day before:
Make a 'wet on wet' watercolor painting on good quality paper.
Let dry and rub the back lightly with a cloth dipped in vegatable oil.
Leave overnight.

Cut big circles out of you paper,
I used a the biggest plate I could find in the house.

Fold in eight equal pieces.

Trim off the round bits with a ruler, scalpel/scissors.

Fold it in 16 equal pieces.

Fold a square,
turn paper a 1/4,
fold square again.

Your paper looks like this.
Get the corners and fold backwards.
Unfold and turn 1/4,
fold a square again,
fold the other corners backwards,

Your paper looks like this, with little diamond folds everywhere!
Those little diamonds are going to stay,
the big triangles need to be folded backwards.

(I know you are puzzled now,
but have a close look at your paper,
you will work it out!)

You See?
Big triangle is going backwards,
the little diamond is staying in front.

After a few triangles,
start to shape the bottom a bit.

Hurry, make more before you'll forget!


knitting a sweater 2

Not bad for a first timer!


Lost and found

In a far, far land,

in a little cottage on top of a big mountain,

lives a little girl.

She has no brothers or sisters.

Just like every other lonely child in the world,

she knows how different this can be sometimes.

For example, even when all the words spoken in the house are for her,

she often still wonders what is said.

The little girl thinks that when you get older,

you forget how to speak the language of the children.

She also found out that mum or dad don't like to sit under the table for a long time,

or like to eat candy first thing in the morning.

Today is a special day,

I am five years old now!

All I see is white from my window.

My mother calls me her 'Winter Wonder Fairy'.

She often tells me the story of my birth.

'She was looking at the ice crystal flowers on the windows

and saw the snow falling from the sky.

Then, she felt a bit weird

and there I was,

just like that.

A Miracle

A Midwinter wonder.'

I love that story,

I asked her hundreds of times

Can't you do that again?

I know there is a sister for me somewhere!

But no,

that is not the way it works,

they tell me.

You see?

They talk to me, but I don't understand a thing.

I am here,

why can't my sister be around?

Hopefully she will join us today,

after all, it is a very special day,

it is my birthday.....!

The little girl gets out of bed,

and starts to look for her sister.

She could already smell her birthday cookies in the oven.

When she entered the kitchen,

her mum and dad were sitting at the breakfast table,

waiting for her.

All the candles were lit and she saw a small present on top the table.

Her heart stopped,

could that be my sister?

'Go on, my Winter Wonder Fairy',

mum said. 'She is all yours!'

She carefully unknotted the ribbon,

got rid of the paper

and there she was.

A strawberry blond girl,

with little red cheeks,

smiling right at her.

Her sister,

her Midwinter Miracle,

her Wonder,

her 'Winter Wonder fairy'.

This story is my entry for Froken Skicklig's E-class Give away.


At the time only the fairies are awake....

Early this morning,
when only fairies are awake,
Me and Mini were in the kitchen baking.

One of my dearest and best friends,
needs some cheering up!

I planned to go out and buy her some goodies,
but Miss Time fairy,
was too busy to bring me some !

So I tidied the kitchen,
wished it would stay like this forever,
and started baking
little heart cakes,
and bread rolls.
I hope she is hungry!

After baking,
I tidied again.

It must have been a spell by the fairies,
because I never, ever do!

This is how our kitchen looks like.
Now all leave the house,
before the fairy breaks the spell.....

Have a magic Sunday!


P ♥ G

(screen print try outs)

Every grown up,
would say....

This is a ridiculous self portrait

But little people might think completely different!


Corner View: ' Nature/Recycle!'

We have a lot of nature around in our house lately.
Roemer is collecting slugs and snails all day long!
We've found them in dollhouses, pots & pans.
We even sometimes see a glowing trail on the table.....

'taking care of mother earth'

Toys I found in different places,
first used and played with by others,
now treasured by us!

These two are my favorite of the set of six we have.
They work well and especially Roemer loves to play with 'his radios'.

This weird UFO,
is a special surprise.
I found her in a recycle store
and it is the most stunning projector ever seen.
All the houses have multiple colors!
So magical!

A school bus and a fire engine,
aren't they adorable?

When I look around in our house,
almost every piece of furniture is found at the flea market or recycle store.
(I could have taken lots more photographs).
The rest is handmade by my sugar lamb.
(don't tell I referred to him using the word: sugar lamb....)
What I do enjoy buying new sometimes
are things for the children.
Toy stores with lots of wood and natural make my heart sing.
(And my wallet cry)

Happy Corner View Everyone!


Painting and a Kiss

This is what I've been doing the past week and a half.
I've been painting the floor white
and renovating this little cabinet.
Still working on the kitchen,
I will show that later on.

Easy jobs, but so effective.
It's like we live in a whole new house!
I think it's very scandinavian or beach like,
but that could be my romantic soul speaking.
Very hard to keep clean,
would say the grumpy part!

Our daughter is really a daughterdaughter.
She will kiss every bear or other stuffed animal around.
Also loves little bags.
Or stuffed animals in little bags.
I'm used to flying stuffed animals!
nature can't be fooled sometimes,
sure isn't nurture around here with two older brothers....
This is different.
Oh, how I love a big family.


Apples again!

I am painting the whole house!
So very little time to be online,
but I would like to share our new Apple stew device..
Perfect for more than 1 apple
available at ' De wereldwinkel'.

Lots of playing outdoors enjoying our very best Indian Summer.

Happy Monday!


knitting a sweater

I have to adjust the sleeves a bit,
but after that,
I will show you the
gnome-like gorgeousness.


Autumn Screen Print

Please forgive me,
if already mentioned,
but when I grow up,
I would love to create a children's book,
made with my very own screen prints.

When you open the book,
you will see bright colors,
you would smell the forest,
you would dive straight in the water,
you would fly with the dragons
play with the animals.

The book won't need lots of words,
Just some smalls and bigs
who are curious enough
to look.

So I keep busy and busy,
till one day
then I'll know it's time.....

Another thing,
I deleted my followers tool,
Everyone is welcome on my blog,
and I hope I'm welcome to visit everyone else's,
without numbers I feel more free.
I did not start this blog to create another place in the virtual world
where numbers or to 'friend and un-friend',
is visible or important.
NOTE: I changed the position,
as I use the followers gadget more than I thought I would,
it's now in the bottom of my blog....)

I hope you don't mind.

Have a FabFriday!

(PS. The Pops is well,
thank you all for your kind words,
the whole experience was very intense,
the treatments not nice,
but we are all ok and ready to enjoy autumn again)