Corner View: ' Nature/Recycle!'

We have a lot of nature around in our house lately.
Roemer is collecting slugs and snails all day long!
We've found them in dollhouses, pots & pans.
We even sometimes see a glowing trail on the table.....

'taking care of mother earth'

Toys I found in different places,
first used and played with by others,
now treasured by us!

These two are my favorite of the set of six we have.
They work well and especially Roemer loves to play with 'his radios'.

This weird UFO,
is a special surprise.
I found her in a recycle store
and it is the most stunning projector ever seen.
All the houses have multiple colors!
So magical!

A school bus and a fire engine,
aren't they adorable?

When I look around in our house,
almost every piece of furniture is found at the flea market or recycle store.
(I could have taken lots more photographs).
The rest is handmade by my sugar lamb.
(don't tell I referred to him using the word: sugar lamb....)
What I do enjoy buying new sometimes
are things for the children.
Toy stores with lots of wood and natural make my heart sing.
(And my wallet cry)

Happy Corner View Everyone!

11 opmerkingen:

Mejuffrouw Mie zei

Jeugdsentiment bij de bus.....great!

Lollipop zei

we do like the same vintage toys... and kids love those treasures...
lovely cv!

Roos zei

Mooie foto's, mooie spullen! Ik smelt ook wel bij de autootjes ;-)
Bij mij een nieuw recycleproject, als je zin hebt neem een kijkje!

Siem zei

Wij hebben 'ruim-maar-op-speelgoed' en 'laat-maar-slingeren-speelgoed'.
Deze speeltjes vallen duidelijk in de laatste categorie ;-)

Bichos da Matos zei

Love the photo of the hand full of snails, it's good for the skin!

;) zei

Sweet ideas and photos. You know I often save snails in the street, when it rains ;)

Papier, Ciseaux, Cailloux... zei

Just to say you that I just discover your blog... And your drawings are so lovely ! Wonderful !

Conny zei

I love the many toys you've found at the recycle store. So many of them are from my own childhood ~ your CV was a trip down memory lane for me. Such fun.

liset zei

Ohhh die slakken.. Gelukkig ben jij heel positief! En heb je ze ook nog eens super tof op de foto gezet. Zelf nare associaties.. Ik heb heel lang een slakkenplaag gehad. Die kwamen elke nacht uit het kruipgat bij de voordeur omhoog en inderdaad, dan 's morgens zag je al die sporen op de vloer.
Tof speelgoed! Love the bus!

Grietje zei

Mooie slakkenfoto's ^_^
En wat heb je geweldig speelgoed gescoord zeg!


Helmi zei

Wat 'n heerlijk speelgoed. Ook ik ben zeker voor recyclen.
grt, Helmi