Lost and found

In a far, far land,

in a little cottage on top of a big mountain,

lives a little girl.

She has no brothers or sisters.

Just like every other lonely child in the world,

she knows how different this can be sometimes.

For example, even when all the words spoken in the house are for her,

she often still wonders what is said.

The little girl thinks that when you get older,

you forget how to speak the language of the children.

She also found out that mum or dad don't like to sit under the table for a long time,

or like to eat candy first thing in the morning.

Today is a special day,

I am five years old now!

All I see is white from my window.

My mother calls me her 'Winter Wonder Fairy'.

She often tells me the story of my birth.

'She was looking at the ice crystal flowers on the windows

and saw the snow falling from the sky.

Then, she felt a bit weird

and there I was,

just like that.

A Miracle

A Midwinter wonder.'

I love that story,

I asked her hundreds of times

Can't you do that again?

I know there is a sister for me somewhere!

But no,

that is not the way it works,

they tell me.

You see?

They talk to me, but I don't understand a thing.

I am here,

why can't my sister be around?

Hopefully she will join us today,

after all, it is a very special day,

it is my birthday.....!

The little girl gets out of bed,

and starts to look for her sister.

She could already smell her birthday cookies in the oven.

When she entered the kitchen,

her mum and dad were sitting at the breakfast table,

waiting for her.

All the candles were lit and she saw a small present on top the table.

Her heart stopped,

could that be my sister?

'Go on, my Winter Wonder Fairy',

mum said. 'She is all yours!'

She carefully unknotted the ribbon,

got rid of the paper

and there she was.

A strawberry blond girl,

with little red cheeks,

smiling right at her.

Her sister,

her Midwinter Miracle,

her Wonder,

her 'Winter Wonder fairy'.

This story is my entry for Froken Skicklig's E-class Give away.

7 opmerkingen:

Juliane | Fröken Skicklig zei

Oh Guusje, I am a Winter Wonder Fairy, too, born the last day of February. I still eat chocolate before breakfast and sometimes I sit under the table (to look for the pins I am missing). But unlike that little five-year old girl I never got a strawberry blonde girl with little red cheeks (for christmas though, but not as a birthday gift).

I so much enjoyed reading your story and the illustrations are simply gorgeous (as everything you create, my dear ;-)

Thank you so much for joining the challenge of the Lost Doll Story Contest!

A big hug from autumnal Höör to autumnal Delft,


Guusje zei

We, Juultje, have a lot in common!

Juliane | Fröken Skicklig zei

Ik weet, lieve Guusje ;-)
Omarming, Juultje

(Everytime I read the name you gave me, it makes me smile)


I have to join you two sweetiepies here!

The story is sweet and even if I am a summer girl through and through I love winter childs and the miracles you find on a snowy day when all is silent and glistening white...


elianne zei

en het begin van je kinderboek!

Unknown zei

het is dat ik ZO graag mee zou doen aan die e-class... :) maar je verhaal is een sprookje, mooi!!

Heidi zei


XO Heidi