Swedish Lullaby-kolybeln shvedskaya

Nighty Night!

Corner View: 'Reflection'

Don't you think this ceramic vase i made
looks a pool were you have to look into?

(or maybe a bad hallucination,
and an evil eye pops up in the dark green..... 

Happy Corner View!


Screen Print: 'Olifant'

I love screen printing

And I love that our house is finally coming together

And I love macarons and lemon tart
but that is another story..... 

Happy day!


Appeltaart's Ceramic Room

Building my Magic Theatre
in Porcelain. 

Week 1


Baby dress is good for sleeping too

Guusje on her way to the espresso machine at 6.15 in the morning with new dress.

Thanks Pops...

Happy day


Sew a dress

While I worry about my Japanese friend in Tokyo,
I try to get a little distraction.
(Sweetheart, my thoughts and prayers are with you!)

I'm really not much of sewer.
Luckily for me,
I like the baby style dress.
I dream of Petit Bateau's baby wear for grown ups.

Picture this:

My brand new Star dress,
skinny jeans,
ballerina shoes,
little cardigan.

Not bad at all, right?

(Note to myself when I read this back in 20 years:
Dear Mrs. Appeltaart,
You can be proud of yourself 
and seriously impressed.
you can wear this dress
in side out
and still look good!
Do not forget:
sometimes it pays off
Not to be lazy)

Dear Daphne,
Thank you for being my style guru!
xo G

Have a happy day!

(and a special kiss for you, Miki!)


Corner View: 'Communication'

I like cards
from the time
I was young
they remind me
of the child
I was

I was,
and still am,
so happy
a simple card
in my postbox
or hidden in my book,
found just before
my late evening read.

These cards are invitations
for children's party's
something I never ever liked
as a child,
or even now.
I wished we could invite everyone around!

there is whole life after
children's school party's!

(I like the card above so much,
I think I will try to make
those dolls in fabric

I know 
making and sharing 
them with my own Pop
will make me happy

Have a lovely CV All!

X Guusje


Multi Color 'Happy Woods' screen print

I was asked to make a 'Happy Woods' screen print
with red in it.
It is always a complete surprise for me,
how the screen print turns out.

I think 
I like it!

Happy Sunday!
x Guusje


Circus Wall P'Animals

yesterday's inspiration
today's interpretation

The Wall P'Animals are in the Circus.
Hopefully they are treated well in their Play-mobile Circus Trailer.
(They are So famous now, 
they only settle for the very best Hay,
Mineral water
and Organic fruits)

The Lantern's are lit,
the firework in the air.
All ready to go!

50 by 60 cm
Off White Aquarel Paper

Have a great Weekend!

xx Guusje



Don't you just love the idea
festival season
is only
a couple of months

Winchester's annual Hat Fair

we just have to go back
this year
with a great act of our own!

'Appeltaart in Wonderland!'



Corner View : 'Woods'

City Gals have to make their own woods!

Go on and Find the girlfriends!

Where would we be without trees?
Happy Corner View!

Screen Print made to order
Off white Aquarel Paper
60 by 80 cm


This moment

Do you see those little ducklings?

They're mine!

{this moment}

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.


Corner View: 'On my Kitchen Counter'

There are tins,
lots of tins!

For CV I have put a few together

Happy CV!
Glad to be back



Macrobiotic foods & baking

There is nothing better than healthy baking,
ones in a while.
My children do taste the difference
between butter and healthy oils,
sugar, little sugar and non sugar.
But even though they love the caramel taste of unrefined cane sugar,
I try to use as little
as possible.

Deco (have a look for inspiration!!!) is a well known health cook in Japan
I never heard from her,
but my sweet neighbor Miki
knew all about Macrobiotic cooking
and Deco's kitchen.
When she returned to Japan,
she was kind enough to send me this little cookbook
that I couldn't buy here.

The Banana Cake

200 ml whole wheat flour
400 ml unbleached wheat flower
1 ½ tbsp Baking Powder
½ tsp Salt
½ tbsp Grain Coffee Powder (i use Lima Yannoh instant Vanilla)

5 banana's (4 mix, 1 decoration)
50 ml Canola oil (i used rice bran)
150 g silken tofu
100 ml Apple juice
vanilla extract (don't forget!)

Optional (I do to add debt in taste) : Chopped walnuts

Dissolve grain coffee powder in heated apple juice
Puree 4 bananas, remaining wet ingredients and coffee juice
Add wet into mixed dry ingredients and chopped nuts
Decorate with sliced banana
Bake for 20 minutes at 180 degrees
Cover with aluminum foil and bake for a further 15 minutes at 200 degrees.

Note: don't over-bake, it will be very dry.

Next time: 
Brown rice waffles
or Yomogi & Azuki bagle
Millet and Coconut Doughnuts?