Corner View: 'Reflection'

Don't you think this ceramic vase i made
looks a pool were you have to look into?

(or maybe a bad hallucination,
and an evil eye pops up in the dark green..... 

Happy Corner View!

19 opmerkingen:

Li + Belle zei

This is a funny post, but I find the cup (despite evil eye:)) very well done.
Your header I like very much.

lottilou zei

Such a cute and lovely blog!!! I'll come back to vsit you!!!

tanïa zei

Makes me feel a little bit observed! ;o)

Joyce zei

I does look like a ripple of waves from a stone being thrown into the water. xo

Redeker zei

he is watching me...! very deep colors!

Sandra zei

Mooi! en je blijft er naar kijken, een soort hypnotiserend effect.

Kari zei

lovely vase! It does draw you into the center of it.
nice post

flowtops zei

I love the slight curve in the back as well. It's not all round is it?

Guusje zei

No it is not round at all, it is one big experiment ;-) LOL

Francesca zei

Yes, it's hypnotic! I'm so glad you're making ceramics!

likeschocolate zei

It looks like it was inspired by the Greek eye or maybe an eye from a monster character.

Don zei

Every move you make, I'll be watching you.

Unknown zei

That eye will haunt me tonight :)

;) zei

Nice idea! I think it's a kind of inner eye of something like that ;)

;) zei


Theresa zei

Hooray! A ceramicist!

jurianne zei

diepe vijver, boos oog, doorgebeten toverbal... whatever, ik vind je vaas prachtig en wat een fijne kleuren (Lubna-inspired?)!

la ninja zei

evil eye. ha ha ha ;)

Guusje zei

Uiteraard, Jurianne!