Corner View : Traditions'

Every year
just before Christmas
I go into the little chapel
and light a candle
for those
I love


JaszakSchatten / PocketFinds

Kiefer 5 years old

The Diamond earring,
found on the floor in the supermarket,
was a serious highlight
I remember the happiness
when I found lost treasures
on a dirty floor.

We truly enjoy each other's joy in finding.


mini Cut Outs and mini Screen Prints

I've tried to capture
the soul of
some of my bigger screen prints
in mini cut outs.

I'm attending a ceramic class
for two weeks now,
much too soon to think
about making my own pottery.
But I could not resist to make some designs
for my own ceramics to come.

They will look good on cards too.

I'll dream on and on.....

The Christmas Trade

I wished I could trade with all of you!
thank you all for joining.
I would be very honored
to make a trade with Mikodesign
Thank you so much all,
hopefully you will join next time too!

Have a great weekend,



how to get Snow on your blog


A Christmas Trade

The Girlfriends all new!

To celebrate them
the Holiday Season,
I organize
(like many others online)
a Christmas Trade.

If you make something
that will make a good trade
for this all New Gilfriends Screen Print
Email me
(One week to sign in!)

And that is not all,
Appeltaart has a gift for you too!


(also available in greens)

Isn't that fun?


Corner View: 'Rain'

I like rain,
but not if it can't stop.

At those times, I'll have to open my Red Suitcase.

My Red Suitcase is filled with my sunglass collection.
This makes women smile,
no matter how hard it poors.

I can't show them all,
but will show my most treasured ones.
I'll switch to B&W for the Audrey Look.
Most of them are ridiculous expensive.
They are spotless,
I keep them in little bags
to keep them save.
Am I pathetic, I wonder?

Like a true collector,
I'll wait for the big sale
to score.
It all started with a very small handsome Moschino.
I was still a girl.
Number 2 was a big YSL
(people were staring at me & I felt like the Fly)
My collection had started.




Calvin Klein

Donna Karan



Don't tell the Man in the house,
I will convince myself and him
that I really am in need of a new glasses
next sale.....


Girl in forest

Girl in forest
(Personally, I think she had 'a tiny bit' too much champagne)

she is still gorgeous.

And suits our wall just fine!
what do you think of our new ceramic shelve of fame?
isn't it serene?
I collect (don't laugh, i know I collect a lot...)
small white lovely's to put candles in
or flowers.

Imagine the night,
and all those little pots are on fire.
Every single one mean a lot to me.
Unfortunately not for the boys,
that's why we had to tink a shelve high in the sky,
Most of them,
are bought in England.
Once lit,
they take us right back to the Christmas Market
in front of the stunning Winchester Cathedral.

Must be the time of year,
me dwelling over England these weeks!
So sorry!

Back to business, Tinkerbell...

Girl in Forest is also wondering around in my SHOP.

Happy Weekend

I have to hurry now,
my party with 10 girls starts in 1,5 hour
got to buy us champagne!


Embroidery Sewing XL

I'm sewing on very bold silk,
not easy,
but fun

Of course there had to be apples
and flowers

I wonder what it will end up to be.....

Happy Friday!


Paper Cutting

Today I'm busy paper cutting
a little bit of old
and bits of new
will drink their champagne
in new surroundings!

Happy Wednesday!


This week we danced on this song every day

What is your 'dance in the living room' song this week?


Life Tree/ Boom Screen Print

EDIT: The first Sweet heart Arrived!!!
Congratulations dear neighbors

We are in the middle of a
I ♥ babies,
I ♥ pregnant bellies &
the excitement around the birth of a baby.

Yesterday the first due date arrived,
no baby yet,
lucky for me,
still time to design my gift.
It took hours to make the cut out,
but I think it is worth the effort.

(btw: boom = tree in Dutch)

Of course the big apple in the centre would be baby
The top two could be the lucky parents
and the baby can be surrounded by brothers and sisters


The big apple is surrounded by
all the people who are gonna love and cherish this baby/toddler
forever and ever.

The design is really abstract because
I really want that every child
feels comfortable to be the centre of this family tree.

This is the original paper cut

I tested one
with name & date
different colors

I framed & hanged it.
I now know
which colors I will use
how I will add letters.

For all people who are not in 'my' baby boom circle,
but are part of their own,
this print will soon be in my shop,
of course with your baby's name on it.
I'll keep you posted!

(shall today be the day
I will make the first one for real?
Keep my fingers crossed!)


Corner View: ' Exactly 6 years ago'

November 2004
Guy & I just moved to England.
This was were I was,
what I was doing
who I was with
according my photobook.

the land in front of our house

surrounded by trees

by ancient churches and cathedrals

by the most lovely little houses, i was.

this was our first find
our home
for 4 years

and this little guy was wondering around the forest
i liked him

i worked my *** off in artcollege
& carried a little secret around in my tummy
to me this girl looks like 15
i was not

here i looked like a movie star
who had time to shop
for a decent winter coat
lucky me

i also made weird little movies,
believe me,
even i don't know what there on about!

What were you up to 6 years ago?