Girl in forest

Girl in forest
(Personally, I think she had 'a tiny bit' too much champagne)

she is still gorgeous.

And suits our wall just fine!
what do you think of our new ceramic shelve of fame?
isn't it serene?
I collect (don't laugh, i know I collect a lot...)
small white lovely's to put candles in
or flowers.

Imagine the night,
and all those little pots are on fire.
Every single one mean a lot to me.
Unfortunately not for the boys,
that's why we had to tink a shelve high in the sky,
Most of them,
are bought in England.
Once lit,
they take us right back to the Christmas Market
in front of the stunning Winchester Cathedral.

Must be the time of year,
me dwelling over England these weeks!
So sorry!

Back to business, Tinkerbell...

Girl in Forest is also wondering around in my SHOP.

Happy Weekend

I have to hurry now,
my party with 10 girls starts in 1,5 hour
got to buy us champagne!

15 opmerkingen:

Mireille zei

T is een plaatje.....
enjoy the bubbles!

Marjolijn zei

Fijne witjes voor een mooi blondje, ben benieuwd naar het avondplaatje plaatje :)

Ps zoek nog een fijn idee voor alternatieve gordijnen in wit, weet jij wat?

Wien zei

Erg mooi! Fijne avond! :)

muzemaminka zei

Zo mooi zo mooi... ik geniet van al je mooie ideeen Guusje. No one like you!

sarapirat zei

happy to hear i am not the only one dreaming myself away to northern parts...

the girl in the forest is pretty, so is the shelf.
enjoy the champagne!

Dutch Apple zei

Via via hier terecht gekomen!
wat een fijne blog!


Anki zei

mooi dat groen! Je bent goed bezig!!

Hannah Nunn zei

Well how lucky for me that you stumbled upon my blog and left me a delightful message. What a wonderful discovery your blog is. What lovely work and words and pictures and babies and things that light up in a shelf in a line and colouful fairy lights all over your house! I instantly feel at home here! Nice to make your aquaintance!x



Maia zei

Your imagination must be a wonderful place to be ;)

Belinda zei

Hips! en als ze verdwaald, zijn er altijd nog de brandende lichtjes om de weg terug te wijzen.

fatfatsheep zei

Haha, luvvv the girl in the forrest, with the champagne, you're so funny!!
And love the tiny white thingies!! Oh so tasteful...

Maybe the girl sees 12 trees... ; )
She 's lucky...

- zei

Oh wat is ze lief. Veel plezier vanavond lieve Guusje.

Kenza zei

I love this! The little girl is fantastic! And the white little holders... just what I like... Have a lovely week! I am certain the party was great and you looked as pretty as the little girl.

MUS zei

met of zonder bubbles, een heel fijn bos!