Corner View: 'Autumn'

Wouldn't it be amazing,
if all the CV girls and boys,
would fly from every where around the world
to an open space,
in the most lovely forest,
were autumn leaves
are falling
like wool felt pieces
on top of Mother Earth.
We'll put on our sheepskin boots,
our thickest coat
and gather round a bonfire.
We would sing a song,
wait for the wolfs to join
and drink our autumn brew.
When we close our eyes
and fall asleep,
we'll see sparkles in our eyes
from the warm and cozy fire.
When we'll open them in the morning,
we will be safe at home,
in our own beds,
like we've been never away.
(but do not forget to wash your clothes!)

11 opmerkingen:

anna zei

o als dat toch zou kunnen!heerlijk :)

Conny zei

Oh yes, that travel would be wonderful. We'd all return to our beds with tummies full of apple cider. Such a nice thought. Cheers~

Marjolijn zei

:) -x-

tikjewit zei

Wervelwindekind wil "óók mee naar de gele en blauwe stellen en de eukoowwun"...

Redeker zei

Ik wil graag mee doen!! Klinkt zalig!
En erg mooi de kunst met tekst erbij!

Mlle Paradis zei

oh delightful posts this week. i love the new screen print and the stripy pj's how nice would they look on what of my cats?!

i did my weird dubai post and referenced your husband's comment. must rush back and link to you so that everyone can come see your new screenprint!


Victoria | Hibiscus Bloem zei

Lovely idea. And your blog looks super too.

Yanyan zei

Lovely! The illustration makes me so happy!

Helmi zei

Heerlijk, de herfst en een vuurtje in een bos. Ik doe mee als het niet te hard stormt.
grt, Helmi

Anoniem zei

Is it time for the Melodi Festival again? (The international song competition...)
Oh, I don't leave a comment often but...you give me a smile everyday!

Anoniem zei

that sounds great... my kind of night!