Jamie's Squash Muffins and Lambada strawberries

Can anyone resist the suburb Dutch grown Lambada strawberries?
they pop up in every veggie store. 
We ate 1 box three days ago, 
2 boxes yesterday
and three today!

We decided we needed Jamie's Butternut Squash Muffins to go with them (we used only 1/3 of the sugar, still sweet enough!) 
I think it is a hit, we all loved them.
(that explains the super sized photo...;-)
Tomorrow we'll go for Miki's macrobiotic sugarless vegan banana cake (totally yum). If anyone is interested, i'll post the recipe. 

Nighty Night!


Origami Garland the third

I couldn't resist to make a couple more.

All the inflatable cubes for this garland 
are made with paper that is special to me.
I spare you all the little stories attached. 

Pops fingerprint

 Right in the middle of the room...
(especially for you guys,
i waited till dawn to photograph
not sure I chose right...)

Rococo Rocks!
I also used the little catalogue from 
my very favorite Chocolate shop
on Marylebone High street.
(or Kings Road....♥)

And here on the other side....
Doesn't it looks very merry?

I can almost smell the chocolates

(Petit note: I always do :-)

Have a lazy Sunday!

Little extra added note about 'doing up your house'

This building site is going to be a little bakery
and the bathroom is going to move out of our extension,
then we are left with a walk in pantry.
But first we have to build our other bathroom,
after we finished the toilet on the first floor.
But maybe better first my workspace,
then the hallway were we sleep,


Yesterday old, Today brand new

This morning I had some time by myself
I drove to my parents local charity shop
hoping on some good bargains.

yesterday's old stuff is
today's lucky find!

I am slowly becoming obsessed by old children's books
I miss 'on every corner a book stall England'.
If I knew that they were so hard to find today in The Netherlands
I would have bought many many more in the past.....
Don't we all just love the drawings of Freddie Langeler?

It's about time
to know about the clock
for Kiefer.

Simply could not resist....

Being Dutch equals eating Ontbijtkoek
This suits my bread tin and cookie jar!
(I think we can talk about a little collection now :-)

Boy o Boy
I wish you could see these big vases in real life.
They are stunning!
Perfect orange,
perfect mustard,
lovely design

I am lucky
thank you
for recycling!


Screen Print: 'Happy Forest'

we cooked on a hob
(1 of the 3 worldwide).
The thing costs 250.000 Euro

isn't that bizarre?

It is made out of steel
designed for submarines.
You need an extra fundament under your house
to carry the thing.
I looks like a ship.

Personally I would spent my money on different things.
But still,
it is very special to be in a kitchen
were all the grand cooks
from all over the world
come together to have a look at this machine
and cook with each other
(El Bulli!).

We had a fun night.

Happy weekend !



Origami Garland

I could have done a million different things today.....

I chose to do one

Sounds pretty Cool-Martial-Art-kind-of-Japanese-wisdom-ish,
don't you think?
(half of the family is into Judo these days,
so we study all kinds of wisdom lately )

In my next life,
I'll be an Yogi-Origami master.....
who eats macrobiotic.
(in this life I first must try everything else too!)


Screen Print: 'Dot on'

Happy Valentine's Day
(Do you celebrate?
We don't
is that cool
or ridicules unromantic....?)

I do remember a long time ago
i received a cart from a secret admirer.
I never ever forgot,
so cool!
little miss 'anti flirt'!
a special cart!

Maybe in a couple of years....

We are getting a few again......


'You and Me, steady like a Tree'

new in shop

'You and me, steady like a Tree'

Ordered in Valentine week:
Free shipping & surprise little print!

Fabriano off white paper
Hand screen printed, sun by sun!
Orange, brown (two shades) & red
50 by 70 cm



This week was not a fun week,
I stressed out on number of things.
Still can't get my head around some.
I store stress in my body big time,
so it's very important
to let go quickly.

For me this place is a fun place.
A place were I will learn new skills
and most important
have a rest from daily worries,
small or big.

My big bowl was still in the oven.
Next week....
There is so much patience involved with pottery!
Weeks and weeks go by of drying in plastic,
drying in the open air,
Baking once,
baking twice....

My little lights came out unbroken
Unglazed Porcelain is Lush,
if you ask me

Happy wednesday!



Every tuesday night,
I am working in a ceramic studio,
never done anything with ceramics before,
(apart from the ashtray (!) made in kindergarden for mothers day!)
so sometimes i will end up with 'rest material',
ready to be recycled.
My first shot to make porcelain rings totally failed
So I made a little bunting for our children's corner in the living room.

I guess I like it
But I am easy to please,
regarding things hanging on treads.
They are hardly visible, but if you click on the photo
you might spot the garland!

Tonight I will see my very first 'proper pottery stuff'
biscuit baked
and glazed.
I'm excited for days now
hoping on a good result!
I'll show you tomorrow
(if it still exist in one piece!!!)

Happy Tuesday!


Theater Appeltaart; 'The girl in The Magic Bed'

I close my eyes & imagine...

My Magic bed.
I take her with me,
together we fly.
We fly to my centre,
the place were all things begin.

We look at my dreams,
visit my magic world,
I empty pockets from daily grey
and refill them imaginary golden stars.
My stars of magic.
I've got so many
that everywhere I go,
I can leave
a little bit of magic behind....

Paper size: 50 by 70 cm
Very Limited edition

Have a magical day
any day!

A couple of nights ago
we found this in our living room
we decided to keep this moment


Theater Appeltaart

I've been working on a theatre
here are my very first photographs

Of course I had to try to film it too

To be continued.....