This week was not a fun week,
I stressed out on number of things.
Still can't get my head around some.
I store stress in my body big time,
so it's very important
to let go quickly.

For me this place is a fun place.
A place were I will learn new skills
and most important
have a rest from daily worries,
small or big.

My big bowl was still in the oven.
Next week....
There is so much patience involved with pottery!
Weeks and weeks go by of drying in plastic,
drying in the open air,
Baking once,
baking twice....

My little lights came out unbroken
Unglazed Porcelain is Lush,
if you ask me

Happy wednesday!

11 opmerkingen:

hinke zei

tof Guus! Misschien zie je me daar ook over een jaar, :)

Julia da Franca zei

dear guusje, hope your troubles are leaving you life VERY soon!
how i wish i could work with you in that studio...
hugs, julia

anna zei

Vier hele mooie lichtjes (!) in een niet zo'n mooie week. Heerlijk is het dan he zo'n studio. Ik dat ook toen ik schilderles volgde bij een Groningse kunstenares, als ik na de les naar huis liep was mijn hoofd helemaal leeg, heerlijk!

Bree zei

ahh! wat een herlijke werkplaats, ik ruik t gewoon.
en ja... geduld geduld geduld, en verrassingen...
maar ook.. oh zo fijn! en heule mooie lampjes!

We Blog Artists zei

What a fabulous space...and I love unglazed too...

Anoniem zei

i agree
lush and lovely

Anoniem zei

so simple, so beautiful.

I hide stress in my body too! YUCK! Just keep breathing!

Isabelle zei

congratulations your lights are beautiful ... I love white ceramics

;) zei

A nice place and a really interesting work.

I send you zen thoughts (if it's possible)

Wonderland zei

AMASING place!!!

cate zei

oh, maybe time for some yoga? the lights came out looking very beautiful... i think unglazed is gorgeous. your studio is kind of amazing, guusje! that's something not to be stressed over, something to just enjoy.