Screen Print: 'Dot on'

Happy Valentine's Day
(Do you celebrate?
We don't
is that cool
or ridicules unromantic....?)

I do remember a long time ago
i received a cart from a secret admirer.
I never ever forgot,
so cool!
little miss 'anti flirt'!
a special cart!

Maybe in a couple of years....

We are getting a few again......

6 opmerkingen:

Jane zei

Van hier een lief Valentijns kusje vol liefde voor jullie alle 5.

toon zei

mooi verhaal, en mooi weergegeven!

Mireille zei

Super cool om geen Valentijn te vieren!
Hier kun je lezen waarom

Print vind ik echt geweldig mooi,
en wat een zoet klein kindje!

We Blog Artists zei

Sweet picture of you guys!
HAPPY *hearts* DAY!


No, we don't celebrate as well. Although the flower selling industry is trying very hard to establish it here in Germany. I like the way it's celebrated in America (with all the cards being exchanged in school).

XXX Nina

Lollipop zei

you are so beautiful!!!