Jamie's Squash Muffins and Lambada strawberries

Can anyone resist the suburb Dutch grown Lambada strawberries?
they pop up in every veggie store. 
We ate 1 box three days ago, 
2 boxes yesterday
and three today!

We decided we needed Jamie's Butternut Squash Muffins to go with them (we used only 1/3 of the sugar, still sweet enough!) 
I think it is a hit, we all loved them.
(that explains the super sized photo...;-)
Tomorrow we'll go for Miki's macrobiotic sugarless vegan banana cake (totally yum). If anyone is interested, i'll post the recipe. 

Nighty Night!

5 opmerkingen:

Fi3n3 zei

That looks delicious!It's worth to try out this recipe.
And Yes! i'm interested in the recipe for the cake!

Unknown zei

jah!! als je dat recept zou willen posten?!

TweeMeisjes zei

Aha! Ik ben erg van het suikervrij. Dus dolgraag het recept

Onne zei

Jaaa, kom maar op met die recepten!

We Blog Artists zei

YES PLEASE the recipe...and those strawberries sound deeelicccciouss!!...