what is Guusje up to?

Enjoying the sun

the strawberries

and each other......

(and taking photo's with weird ghost app's :-)

Sorry about the blog silence!
I've been terribly busy recovering 
from my back injury.
(trapped nerve in my back)
All well!



Birth screen print

May, 21
Two girl friends
gave birth to two baby girls

My very best youth memories
are shared with these friends
I know them for ages
26 six years
like 18 years
(gosh, we are getting old!)

I made them these screen prints
I hope they like them
(one can never be sure,
it's in my nature
to find it a bit scary
to give someone 
one of my designs!)


Pippi Ronja


Saar Lovis

I know for sure
You will be loved to bits!


Screen Print: 'Biscuit'

I  love biscuits dipped in tea ....

( ↑ size biscuit = size biscuit ↓ )

Screen print Biscuit
57 by 77 cm
Off white Aquarelle paper



we made a biscuit dress


Appeltaart's Ceramic & Paper Theatre

The moon calls out her name,
the stars are lining up for her,
time to leave.

Her footsteps turn into the brightest white.

At midnight,
the girl will be the star of the Magic Theatre.

we don't want to miss a single thing
we will soon fall asleep again....

nighty night

sleep tight


MYO: Rocket Garland Tutorial

I am a guest contributer at

Thank you so much, Jessika
for taking me on board!

I love making garlands. They are festive, fun and easy to make. They make a great gift and you can customize them really easy. In our house stars, rockets and spaceships are a favorite, so I made a garland in this theme but you can choose whatever you fancy. Anything goes!

You’ll need:

  • Cutting board
  • Scalpel/blade (or scissors)
  • Stamps (I made my own, but you can use any you like, preferably symmetrical)
  • Ink pad
  • Good quality craft Paper
  • Needle and thread & a cord

    Cut out your prints with a scalpel and print the back too.

    Take two identical prints.
    In the first print,
    you cut a vertical line from center to top,
    in the second print from centre down.

    Fold your cut out prints together.

    The easiest way is to hang a cord in the right room and on the right place where the garland is supposed to be.
    I used a fancy knitted cord and I used a shiny thread, both pale blue.

    Assemble together & done!

    Visit Oh My Handmade for much more fun!



    I remember it
    like yesterday

    A bright red bear
    in the Sinterklaas catalogue
    from our local toyshop

    In love

    All I wanted
    was the red Bear

    I was a good girl

    My mother 
    my red bear

    I washed it,
    repaired it
    and Bear waited
    ready to be found

    Nothing happened
    for a long time

    until this week

    Keep each other safe!


    La Petite Magazine

    La petite magazine asked if they could use some photographs for their fourth issue.
    (Quick tips are from La petite magazine)

    We are delighted and proud

    (my man worked so hard to build our place!)

    Isn't it funny
    that it is clearly our living room in those pictures.
    I did not change a thing
    before taking the photo's
    in the morning sun

    but somehow
    after the children awake
    our whole house changes in a place
    that would not be recognized
    in this beautiful space

    This beautiful place turns into a home
    where is room to be
    & make a mess
    and that is exactly 
    how our house suppose to be

    I love a good family home


    Do what you love for life

    If I had a magic wand,
    I would be on this inspiring, 
    super lovely,
    Go and visit the website.
    It's already inspirational to read al the stories!


    *** Dutch artist Guusje Wannet***

    At the age of 29, after relocating from The Netherlands to England,  I enrolled at Winchester School of Art, to study for a BA in Textile Design. I remember that day so well. Students with big art projects under their arms, hallways filled with mini exhibitions. The moment I set  foot in the building was the moment that changed my life! I said  goodbye to my career in child psychiatry and never looked back. This is what I love to do.

    A lot has happened since then.  We have been blessed with three children, we moved back to The Netherlands and renovated our town house. Our youngest child is now one year old and I’ve just set up my little business. I truly love to make and create. My focus at the moment is on screen printing  and paper cutting. My little online shop ‘Appeltaart‘ is taking a lot  of time and effort with limited return money wise (yet!), but the joy and happiness, the lovely comments on my blog and doing what I really love on a daily basis, makes it worth having to eat peanut butter sandwiches for supper!

    My wish for the future is to become successful enough to keep doing what I truly want. I am an artist. Hopefully within a year Iwill be earning a small salary to enable me to keep going and make investments in my company. My dreams are big. I would love to see my designs on pottery and ceramics and design all sorts of wallpaper. In the meantime, I’ll just keep  working, improving and try to keep focus on where to go with ’Appeltaart‘.

    You can visit Guusje’s blog ‘Appeltaart’ here and her lovely shop here.

    [All images courtesy of Guusje Wannet]


    Are you doing what you love?  Join us for the Summer session of the Do What You Love e-course, for tools and inspiration to do what you love, for life. 
    Class begins June 6, and the course runs for six weeks. 
    Registration is open now – find out more in the mini e-course site here.


    Screen Print: ' Le grand cirque des Etoiles et des Puces'

    This morning
    I'm drinking 
    festival wine

    'Le grand cirque des etoiles et des puces'
    65 by 50
    Off white Aquarel paper 
    limited edition