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*** Dutch artist Guusje Wannet***

At the age of 29, after relocating from The Netherlands to England,  I enrolled at Winchester School of Art, to study for a BA in Textile Design. I remember that day so well. Students with big art projects under their arms, hallways filled with mini exhibitions. The moment I set  foot in the building was the moment that changed my life! I said  goodbye to my career in child psychiatry and never looked back. This is what I love to do.

A lot has happened since then.  We have been blessed with three children, we moved back to The Netherlands and renovated our town house. Our youngest child is now one year old and I’ve just set up my little business. I truly love to make and create. My focus at the moment is on screen printing  and paper cutting. My little online shop ‘Appeltaart‘ is taking a lot  of time and effort with limited return money wise (yet!), but the joy and happiness, the lovely comments on my blog and doing what I really love on a daily basis, makes it worth having to eat peanut butter sandwiches for supper!

My wish for the future is to become successful enough to keep doing what I truly want. I am an artist. Hopefully within a year Iwill be earning a small salary to enable me to keep going and make investments in my company. My dreams are big. I would love to see my designs on pottery and ceramics and design all sorts of wallpaper. In the meantime, I’ll just keep  working, improving and try to keep focus on where to go with ’Appeltaart‘.

You can visit Guusje’s blog ‘Appeltaart’ here and her lovely shop here.

[All images courtesy of Guusje Wannet]


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16 opmerkingen:

MondaysMilk zei

Zo inspirerend! Mensen die doen wat ze het liefst doen, daar komt zoveel moois uit. Succes! Rozalinde

anna zei

mooi om te lezen Guusje!

Jane zei

Jaaah zo hoort het doen waar je van houdt. Dat je er maar heel rijk mee mag worden, dat verdien je absoluut lieve Guusje.

hinke zei

hhhm, interessant, daar ga ik binnenkort eens goed voor zitten.
Jou, bewonder ik om je vasthoudendheid en doelgerichtheid en intussen kun je aan jou en je werk zien dat het plezier ervan afspat! Gewoon stug doorgaan met wat je doet, want je doet het goed!

Patrice A. zei

inspirerende plek
en wat een mooie foto van jou!

'do what you love
and love waht you do'
al jaren op de muur
nu nog doen!

dankjewel voor je verhaal

We Blog Artists zei

YUP...it's a good thing to be doing what you love...and have many outlets...not just selling online...but teaching and crafting with groups...Birthday Parties for kids which LOVE to create!

HUGS and HURRAH to what we love!

joo-expo zei

hou vast en hou vol!

prachtige foto van je!

Janina Modaal zei

Waw, wat een verhaal.
Ik wens je alle succes toe, dat je nog heel lang mag doen wat je het liefst doet!

Sandra zei

Mooi om dit eens te lezen, de historie en toekomst van 'appeltaart'

Unknown zei

Hello Guusje! So nice to see your face - great photo. You are a true inspiration... I will hopefully get there one day, and do what I love to. Big hugs.. Lou x

Marjolijn zei

'Mijn' bloem! (bijna...)
So do what you love love! XXXXXXX

Mlle Paradis zei

bravo! all so nice. and to know more of your history!

your prints are wonderful. i'm watching and waiting awhile to see what comes next so that it will really be hard to choose!

Anki zei

Mooi Guusje, goed dat je je hart volgt!

Guusje zei

Thank you all for your kind words :-)

isa zei

it is good to know a little bit more about your story ... I am sure you will be very successful with your lovely prints

Yanyan zei

Thanks for sharing your story. It is wonderful to do what you love for life. Your prints are so cheerful and magical, one day you will reach your dream!