One thousand and One nights

An ode to Scheherazade
and her lovely stories

1001 nights
Screen Print
Limited Edition
(just two!)

Have a great sunday!


Appeltaart Shop

Thank you all for the positive feedback on my work
every time again
no matter if you said it
or even more
it is highly appreciated
and very, very welcome!

(mes amies et moi a minuit, 4 colors)

This week has been full of decisions,
opportunities and thoughts.

I had to think about all the effort I put in my screen prints
versus the money I earn....


not good

A bit of a reality check
I narrowed my thousand thoughts
(...find a job outside the house,
go digital
be more commercial in your products,
stop cutting all your designs out of paper
work with one screen instead of
using them all in one print,
simply stop making everything by hand,
don't make up story lines for your prints....)
to this choice:
a. stop making such an effort
(RU Kiddin'?)
b. charge more

I simply can't stop making an effort
I have too many fantastic, manic ideas!
(from the 100 i have, 1 will enter the blog, haha)
(There is a hand screen printed 3D Theater coming!!!)
So I had to go with b.
my prices went up
and I will make even more effort.

I'm sorry
for me it was a choice for going with this
or stop selling
sometimes life can be very simple
even when it is a bit harsh...

So I hope you all bare with me.
I have some exciting news in a few days.
See you then!

(PS. the little minarets will be here soon
after changing composition & colors a million times
I now know how to print them!)

Lots of love and a great weekend,


Unique Screen Print ' Happy Tree' sold

Happy tree symbolizes our love for nature.
We celebrate our lovely trees.

Happy Tree is an unique print

Every garland, color dot,
little button, sun and flower,
is screen printed one by one.
A labour intensive but rewarding process.


farm, friendship and horses

Once upon a time
almost in another life time
I was a 'horsy-girl'
There wasn't a thing that made me more happy
than the good looks of a horse

Yesterday I was invited by an old (but young, like me ;)) friend
to come and have a look
to watch her and her horse take a ride
I loved the whole experience
the way horses smell
the noises horses make when they are running
the curious look in their eyes
so exciting!

For me
this was the second time recently
that I had a meeting
with 'a girl and her horse'.
Both girls are choosing a very holistic approach
to have contact with their horse
I loved the girls,
loved the horses
I really hope a see a lot more of them
Maybe one day
i'll join them on a route touristique
around the neighborhood
looking like a cowgirl.
My first choice, of course
would be to sit on the back
of no one less than:
Lilla Gubben!!!


samedi change

tartelette au citron
tartelette au chocolat
tartelette au poire
tartelette au pomme
tartelette au quetches

bon week-end!



I love art that could easily be an illustration too.
I like to make up stories,
when i look at my all white walls
filled with black frames
with illustrations made by people
I admire.

Of course my house is filled with my own work too.
My screen prints pop up everywhere.
And i have a huge stack in my studio.
I should toss my experiments away
but i can't
I am a 'throw-away-loser'.
Even when they have obvious flaws,
(that happens a lot with screen printing)
or more than a flaw,
(a complete failure)
you never know
if they need to be reincarnated
one day....
I'm sure you feel the same, right?

(color try outs new screen print)


Not to travel

Thank you for all your Birthday Wishes!

We should have been flying to Stockholm
this minute
But we are not....
Pops has a very naughty tummy

You know my motto:

Be in the company of
Parrots & Cakes
and you will be fine in 5 minutes

At home
I worked a bit in my studio
the kids kept asking for attention
I wonder what will happen when they turn a bit older
I wonder if I will ever not be in my studio....

For now
I am more than happy to make sandwiches
with paint on my fingers
feed Poppy while typing
listen to Walt
while he takes care of the children
once in a while


Magic Dream Screen Prints

Gold, silver, blue
i'm in ♥ with you


The girl in the magic bed

The girl in the magic bed
screen print with iris-printed background
unique print
in shop


Work in Progress

There are a million things to do around here these days
I'm working on several ideas
between sanding & painting woodwork
& refreshing the kitchen walls

In the meantime
my lovely builds our amazing home.
He is doing a awesome job!

When done,
we will hibernate for a while!



birth screen print

I wish you
a life full of


The girl in the magic bed

For my friend, Juliane

We played with shadow all night
(impossible to shoot!)

Happy New Year!