farm, friendship and horses

Once upon a time
almost in another life time
I was a 'horsy-girl'
There wasn't a thing that made me more happy
than the good looks of a horse

Yesterday I was invited by an old (but young, like me ;)) friend
to come and have a look
to watch her and her horse take a ride
I loved the whole experience
the way horses smell
the noises horses make when they are running
the curious look in their eyes
so exciting!

For me
this was the second time recently
that I had a meeting
with 'a girl and her horse'.
Both girls are choosing a very holistic approach
to have contact with their horse
I loved the girls,
loved the horses
I really hope a see a lot more of them
Maybe one day
i'll join them on a route touristique
around the neighborhood
looking like a cowgirl.
My first choice, of course
would be to sit on the back
of no one less than:
Lilla Gubben!!!

6 opmerkingen:

Bree zei

so coool!

nexttime i'll join[-up with ]you!


Oh yes! I have been a horse girl, too and I still like to go on a horse-back-riding through the woods and fields...

Even our tall girl is into horses (not being pushed by Mommy though and the little man is as well..

Juultje said there is are many horses around her home and once we will meet there we'll leave the kids staying with her and go for a ride through the countryside, what do you think?


Guusje zei

That would be Awesome, Nina!!!!

Eefje zei

Ik was vroeger ook een echt paardenmeisje. Ga graag mee naar een vriendin die een prachtig paard heeft. Tip voor als je een bijzondere rit wilt maken, man verraste mij hiermee een paar jaar geleden; Stal hoursinne. Als je hier op googelt kom je het wel tegen. Paardrijden in de ardennnen, zo leuk!

Rebekah Leigh zei

Lovely photographs! I too was a horse girl even now I pass fields with horses in and something inside me wants to stop and sit and watch and think..I don't think horses ever leave you once they've got you...if you know what i mean!!?

elsy zei

Ja, das te gek, ik ben ook horse hooked geworden, sinds ik een beetje heb leren en durven rijden op een paard van vrienden. Zulke mooie krachtige dieren.
Was er ook niet ooit een goed verhaal met man lief in cowboypak en schurende knieën op een pony, dat staat me zo bij ineens.