Yesterday old, Today brand new

This morning I had some time by myself
I drove to my parents local charity shop
hoping on some good bargains.

yesterday's old stuff is
today's lucky find!

I am slowly becoming obsessed by old children's books
I miss 'on every corner a book stall England'.
If I knew that they were so hard to find today in The Netherlands
I would have bought many many more in the past.....
Don't we all just love the drawings of Freddie Langeler?

It's about time
to know about the clock
for Kiefer.

Simply could not resist....

Being Dutch equals eating Ontbijtkoek
This suits my bread tin and cookie jar!
(I think we can talk about a little collection now :-)

Boy o Boy
I wish you could see these big vases in real life.
They are stunning!
Perfect orange,
perfect mustard,
lovely design

I am lucky
thank you
for recycling!

16 opmerkingen:

;) zei

These are treasures. 10 years ago, I bought an old book, a book I had in school, to learn French. I'ld keep it in a safe if I could ;)

Shokoofeh zei

Wonderful finds! Oh I didn't know what Ontbijtkoek is. I google it and now I know! :)

Lollipop zei

oh treasures!!!
lucky you!

Mlle Paradis zei

i love to collect children's books too for their illustrations. (should do a series of posts of them, yes?)

you are doing SUCH lovely things in your prints and ceramics. may i borrow one picture to post about you?

the one of the theater? would love that! thanks!


Dotty Delightful zei

Wow what awesome finds, I love the bread bin and the books, I bet you was one happy lady with so many great finds, I also love old childrens books but I find it harder to come across them lately x

Isabelle zei

great finds !!! I love the books ...

Francesca zei

Personally, I love all the orange in your new old treasures!

Guusje zei

Orange is my very favorite color!

Juniper zei

Treaures is right!! Love the books and the bread tin especially!! I really miss bookstores too, Madison had so many and every turn in the U.K too, not many at all here!!

riet zei

echt maf!
ik kocht vandaag het boek "jantje in bloembollenland", eveneens geïllustreerd door Freddie Langeler, in onze kringloopwinkel!
het boekje valt bijna uiteen, maar de prenten zijn nog steeds fantastisch*
veel plezier met jouw vondsten!

Guusje zei

Wat een toeval!

Sigrid zei

wat een mooie vondsten :-)

Pien zei

Wat een mooie schatten heb je gevonden!
Daar krijg ik zin om weer eens naar de Emmaüs te gaan...

Maia zei

I'm so lucky that my mum saved all of my best-loved children's books in the attic. Most of them are from a bit older, so we haven't brought them out yet for Q, but oh will I be happy to see them again in the original editions!! You have some wonderful pieces here!

hinke zei

heet dat kaboutertje echt pikkie? hihi!

Blogger zei

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