mini Cut Outs and mini Screen Prints

I've tried to capture
the soul of
some of my bigger screen prints
in mini cut outs.

I'm attending a ceramic class
for two weeks now,
much too soon to think
about making my own pottery.
But I could not resist to make some designs
for my own ceramics to come.

They will look good on cards too.

I'll dream on and on.....

The Christmas Trade

I wished I could trade with all of you!
thank you all for joining.
I would be very honored
to make a trade with Mikodesign
Thank you so much all,
hopefully you will join next time too!

Have a great weekend,


8 opmerkingen:

= lingonsmak zei

wonderful! would be great on ceramics!!!

fatfatsheep zei

Any cards in the shop..? They are sooooo cute!

Juliane | Fröken Skicklig zei

Guusje darling, the first comment says your designs would be nice on porcelain, the second is says that postcards would be cute.
And the third comment is written by the lady who has said "postcards! porcelain!" (well, she also said "fabrics!") many many times before. I should probably start with a Appeltaart campaign and canvass in blogland!
Hugs from snowy Berlin and let´s skype soon, Juultje

Anoniem zei

wat maak je toch mooie dingen!


Oh the look so very delicate and sweet - and I agree with the Fröken, fabric would be looking marvellous with this - just a small print and from that will be made a small cudly cushion...


Theresa zei

Happy holidays!!

cecilia zei


li-lisette zei

are their snowflakes falling down????