Corner View: What are you wearing?

I love clothes,
specially in favorite are dresses,
cotton tights and boots.
I wear them every day.
You get used to the lightness of a dress.
Jeans are ultra cool, but it feel so restricted after so many dresses.
Some days I try,
but at 7 p.m.
when I'm taking my 'let the day go' shower,
i'm extra happy to get rid of the jeans.


I've got
cotton ones,
woolen ones
silk ones,
chic ones,
jeans ones
new ones,
old ones.

Especially old ones these days.
I really need to get out there and spoil myself.
But hey when I go out and buy for me,
i more fancy a beautiful skein of wool,
or a great new drawing block
or some new ink pens,

So I will dedicate my big fashion coming out to my latest and most precious accessory.
My Poppy Juniper in, oh yes, the most beautiful ringsling this mum could find!

Cheers Pop, thank you for making heads turn,
so that mum doesn't have to look so good!

x mummy

31 opmerkingen:

caramelcaramelo zei

oh! you both look lovely! kenza.

trinsch zei

you look beautiful. both of you. what a pair :)


You look so wonderful! And of course Poppy is the best eye catcher (but your great orange coat is the best accessory for grey winter days I think).

I love orange... and red...

Big Hug Nina

Juniper zei

Your as lovely as ever my dear, poppy a perfect match.! Love that orange coat too!
Post on it's way to you! x x

sandra zei

Jullie zien er prachtig uit!

Daan zei

Zo maar he die oranje jas is wel megamooi!

en pops is the tops, ofcourse!

Lollipop zei

what a beautiful style you have! what a lovely baby...
what a nice corner view!

Barbara zei

Jullie zijn mooierdjes!

pien zei

'baby-wear' is the best!

Lila Lime zei

Wauw, wat heb je een prachtige ringsling, wat heb je een mooie draagdoek (ik draag ook, fijn he?) en het belangrijkste van al, wat heb je een prachtige dochter!!!!

Francesca zei

You both look so good together.

tikje wit zei

Poppy staat je errug goed!

Joyce zei

A very beautiful accessory that you carry bundled in front of you! xo

lisette zei

Inderdaad! Lange leve de jurken en rokjes! En wat een mooi meisje toch..

Margreta, zei

En wow, die jas, super zeg!

La vie est belle a salon zei

Ik val in herhaling. Maar je jas is geweldig mooi!!!! En je kleine meid is een beauty!

nicola@which name? zei

i LOVE your orange coat! and that baby...definitely makes heads turn. congratulations. i hadn't realized you had a new little person in your life!

Conny zei

I love that you have dresses - lots of dresses. Nice dresses are hard to find here. I've considered making my own.

I do love your orange coat too - you have great style! Happy CV day to you.

janis zei

I love your look! I think dresses feel better than pants too :^) Less restricting, I agree... Hooray for dresses (and art supplies!)

Bonnie zei

Adorable !!

I really need to wear more dresses ...

Knofje zei

PRACHTIGE foto van twee prachtige mensen! Dat turqoise staat je goed. Meisje op je buik ook! ;)

isabelle zei

whaouuuu ... love the color, love the cut and the radiant lady wearing it !!

Victoria @ Hibiscus Bloem zei

I love dresses too - but more in the summer time. Your little girl looks adorable in those little hats.

Cisca zei

o, die oranje jas, mooi!!!
En die onderste doek lijkt heel erg op mijn favoriete draagdoek. Is het de jeansblauwe van LifeTree?

Bichos da Matos zei

You are a very stylish mama!:)

Guusje zei

Ja, fijn he? Heerlijke doek!

Anoniem zei

Goeie jas en jullie zijn een plaatje!

Le blÖg d'Ötli zei

THE lovely accessory. Beautiful post !

jane zei

love your fashion accessory! she´s beautiful! hugs!

Kaylovesvintage zei

hey pretty lady

Dina zei

you both look lovely. I like dresses too but cand wear them whilst breast feeding my Leah! I like your slings are they made by you?