Spring Swap

Daan and I think it's time to swap again.

See Daan & Guusje's Happy Talk for all information/ future updates and what to do to join the club!

6 opmerkingen:

Kaylovesvintage zei

a little swap makes happy, of the years a had so many wonderful swaps and you meet great people

elianne zei

count me in!

Belinda zei

guusje, ik heb iets voor je om mijn blog gezet, kijk maar of je het wat vind......

Anoniem zei

super leuke blog!
ik ga je meteen volgen xx

Marjolijn zei

Count me in loves!

Than I'll drewel over nice recepies
Than I'll smash a pumpkin or two
Than I'll sing an ode to my kitchen
Than I'll draw an onion
and make that book for one of you!


Ps ik krijg dit berichtje niet op het lijstje van Happy Talk! HELP!!!

Maia zei

This sounds such a lovely idea for a swap! Wish I could participate, but I am not a keeper of recipes. My husband is a former chef, and he does all the cooking. Generally he creates only from his head, so ours is a house without a recipe collection!