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Not in the car yet!

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Patricia zei

Nog niet, maar straks wel ;)
Ik heb in het begin heel veel met de bus gereden. Lekker handig, want je zet makkelijk de kinderwagen er in!
Jullie hebben zo'n coole VW-bus.
Mooie klassieker!!!

jane zei

poppy is just too adorable! besos-jane

kristina - no penny for them zei

:) hope you are all well!

MyrtilleD zei

I love that idea!

Kari zei

love the creativity!

Unknown zei

I love those vw buses ..... we had one when I was a kid .... I used to play house in it :)

Ritva zei

lots of memories about those vw buses :)
great idea- have a wonderful week!

malo zei

Great! I love those cars. Who doesn't?

Cate zei

can we come play?

Jeannette zei

;) We wachten wel!

Joyce zei

very cute!! xoxo

likeschocolate zei

I have missed something. I think that something is that you have had an adorable baby. So sweet! Like the pic of the VW van. My friend gave birth to her 2 child in a VW van. They didn't make it to the hospital in time. Congratulations!

Guusje zei

Wow, what an adventure! Poppy showed up at home, lucky us!

Francesca zei

Very nice, hope you are all well and cosy at your home!

Palmer and Co zei

Ha! Darling!

Ian zei