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What's the deal with kids and medicine pots?

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Anoniem zei

Haha......mag ik (eigenlijk wel) lachen (???)
Ik vind um goed! ;-)

la ninja zei

ik weet "nie", man.
good to find the humour in it, hey. nice one.

likeschocolate zei

Funny! I didn't think about it until now, but I use a water pitcher for my utencils!

Ma life à moi zei

Good idea!

Joyce zei

Very cute- smile....!

Kenza zei

this is great! I hope the little cup cake is feeling better. lots of kisses from little caramel to her...

Palmer and Co zei

Ha! Perfect!

Unknown zei

Très marrant !!!

Janis zei

Ha - that is one big medicine pot! Good use :^)

Lisa notes... zei

Cute. Made me smile.

Juniper zei

Made me smile too, so often those little plastic containers are just begging to be reused in some fashion. Hope Poppy is better!

Lollipop zei

héhé, funny cv!

Maia zei

Hee! My daughter always goes for the vitamin and medicine jars too. I keep empty ones for her so she doesn't accidentally get into anything.

Francesca zei

Hope that it won't need a refill! I'm so ready for summer and to be done with sickness.

kristina - no penny for them zei

hope you don't need any medicine for the kids at the mo and that poppy is feeling better!

Guusje zei

I'll tell you a secret, there vitamin D pills!
Another secret the pot is 2 inches tall and the spoons are tiny!

;) zei

Ha ha !!! For this time, medicines are funny...

jane zei

ha! great idea!

Kari zei

that's funny and cute.
lovely repurpose.