Inspiration recipe book swap

When Kees worked in an international job
before the cup tribe members were born,
we often travelled together.
He at work, the lady in town.
It was so romantic!
I couldn't help feeling a bit like a lady as seen in American movies,
traveling along with your busy, business husband.

I love to explore cities by myself.
We went Paris a lot.
Me in my best outfit,
pretending to live there (Don't say a single word!)
wondering off to the best patisseries,
the best bakers and the biggest épiceries.
I know for sure, i still have a lot to look for,
when I go back,
but the memories still make me smile.

I will never forget when I had breakfast at Fauchon's
and had the most lovely Madeleines I'd ever tasted.
Poor me, they ran out of diamonds ;-)


3 eggs
100 g caster sugar extra fine
150 g flour
100 g butter melted
grated peel of 1 lemon
grated peel of 1 orange

oven 200 degrees
grease madeleine/ muffin tin with butter

Mix eggs and sugar till fluffy and light yellow
ently fault in flour, butter and peel.
Spoon into tin.
Put in oven 12 minutes or until golden.

7 opmerkingen:

anna zei

Wat een smaakvolle herinnering.
Er is echt niks beters dan alleen een mooie grote stad verkennen, ronddolen observeren..eten :)


Travelling with the man is best, when the cupcakes are older you will have a go again...

The print has arrived! Thank you so much, it is lovely!

XX Nina

Bree zei


sounds really romantic and very cool too!

Belinda zei

ooh, het water loopt me in de mond! denk dat ik morgen de oven maar eens aan ga steken...

Guusje zei

Madeleines zijn echt lekkerder dan cakejes, want er zit geen bakpoeder in, die heeft ook smaak en is minder lekker, vind ik.
happy baking!

Anna Vogel zei

Was dit weekend nog bij Fauchon en keek m'n ogen uit... Best wel een beetje idiote winkel, haha, maar ik kon het niet laten om er toch wat kadootjes te kopen voor de thuisblijvers ;-)

Juniper zei

Good looking recipe! I will definitely be giving this one a try! By the way when are we suppose to send the recipe book? and to whom do I send it?
x x
p.s. what a life- alone with your husband in Paris! Wish we had travelled a bit more before having kids!