Appeltaart's Ceramic room

Porcelain is so fragile,
i often end up with broken pieces 
even before it goes in the kiln.

 I just have to keep on going
to make little experiments.
See what works and doesn't.

I'm determent to end up with a house full of
Magic Theaters!

So I'll keep you posted till boredom extraordinair till I get things right!

(CV darlings, I'll see you next week again!)

A big Appeltaart Kiss, 

4 opmerkingen:

Kaylovesvintage zei

its time to go to Delft again...

vervlogen dagen zei

Meer, meer, meer! Voorlopig kan ik er geen genoeg van krijgen! Prachtig.

Anoniem zei

looking good

Guusje zei

Kay, you are very welcome for a cuppa!