Help the planet with Appeltaart....

.....one baby step at the time.

It might be a small gesture,
but maybe together,
you and me,
can make a little difference.

My small company Appeltaart and I,
think it is time to donate in
small projects around the world.
Appeltaart has joined PIFWORLD today .

From every print you'll buy,
there will be a 10 euro donation
to a charity of Appeltaart's choice.
At the moment donations will be for :
Go on, have a look!
They can use all our support.

To celebrate this Appeltaart event,
I made a unique screen print,
for sale in my shop,
but I, and so we, will donate the full amount paid for this print
to the midwifery program.

(KIVA will be one of our charities too)

50 by 65 cm
unique print

7 opmerkingen:

Kenza zei

Wonderful idea! and of course I think your choice of who will receive the donation is marvelous. Thank you on behalf of many.

Daan (Dan) zei

fantastic initiative - but could you also make a slightly more positive looking octopus? This one looks so maudlin...

Annemiek zei

Appeltaart rocks!!
Goed initiatief Guusje!

Anoniem zei


natsumi zei

Great idea! I love the illustration! Great art work!!

Daan zei

superinitiatief Guus!! en prachtprint!

teri zei

i love your blog. this art work is very very cute! i simply adore it! thank you for doing your part to help the world