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This time I chose for a national favorite,
not Dutch,
but British.
My home from home.
They're probably a million ways to make scones,
but since my mummy is a mama,
I didn't learn it from her.
I need to rely on recipes.
You don't need an electric mixer,
you could use your hands of course to make the dough.
(I'll bet the Women's Institute would never ever recommend to use a machine!)

A perfect reason to make scones is
to use up all those homemade jars of Jam.
You don't want to get stuck with those,

Have a Bliss monday!
x Guusje

9 opmerkingen:


I think machines are al right... I mean I don't want to do the washing by hand and I like my dishwasher and vacuumcleaner : )

XX Nina

vermiljoen zei

met jam, maar 't liesft van al met cluttered cream en lemon curd.mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Juniper zei

Ha ha - how perfect!!!! I just had a mighty debate with my mother in law as regards scones. YOur recipe looks proper and perfect - shall be making these for her this week. Thank you!
BTW YOu can find some very tasty scones in the states, a particular place in my home town sells blueberry and lemon scones that are to die for.

Guusje zei

Hahaha, cluttered cream !

"Clutter up your arteries' cream

Do you know you can make clotted cream yourself with double cream and butter.

Helmi zei

Heerlijk, snel eens uitproberen. Zelf heb ik al vaker scones gemaakt maar volgens mij gebruikte ik karnemelk!
grt, Helmi

Francesca zei

What a pretty recipe - thank you!

Dina zei

mmmm...cheers, I love scones. They do remind me of England soooo much.

Kaylovesvintage zei

and clotted cream ( which you can get in the English Store in Leiden)

Daan (Dan) zei

ooooh! I shall be making them this holiday, for certain... One oft he things i really miss about Ingurlund...

Clotted cream? Just leave out of the fridge for a couple of days... not... Is there no recipe for that, Guusje?