Thursday: Market Day

Thursday means:

Breakfast Coffee & cake with the Parrots

Fruits & Veggies
all over the place

Of course Dutch hard cheese

And today,
Thursday meant:

Fig Vanilla
Strawberry Lemon

Ran out of pots
for the apricots....

Today is a fun day!

18 opmerkingen:

gardenmama zei

mmm...the jam sounds and looks amazing!
the first photo is great xo

Jane zei

Donderdag is een heerlijke dag, zeker in de zomer. Wat een superse plaatjes, genieten zeg. Kusje van mij.

Dina zei

ohhhh fig and vanilla sounds nice....could this be one of your sharing recipes :) ?

Guusje zei

Well, I've got no recipe. I just did what the Dutch 'jam making sugar company packet' said. Puree fruits, I pureed half, because I like chunky jam and added some pure vanilla extract to taste. Then I added the suger (I used half the amount they recommend and bought a pack half sweet sugar variety already). Boiled the whole thing a minute and

(and it's still too sweet for me, so I will use tiny bits on my buttered bread....)


I made strawberry jam the other day... delicious!


Maia zei

What a pretty little oasis!

Conny zei

I love your market day pictures! It looks like a fun time. And, it makes me want to post market day pictures from my trip to Deventer last October. (I can't believe I still haven't posted pictures from a that trip.)

Fig and vanilla jam sounds wonderful.

elianne zei


Kaylovesvintage zei

looks wonderful, my figs are not ready yet

anna zei

yummie dagje!

The Muse of The Day zei

I have been on vacation for a couple of weeks sans the internet. I loved coming home to blogging and see your trip to the market. I also loved seeing your kids playing in the patio - ah summer.

Jolanda zei

een heerlijk dagje! Ik ben helemaal verliefd op de eerste foto. Prachtig

Joyti zei

O, it all looks so amazing. I really, really like the jam jar, with the homemade-ish label, so cute!

Guusje zei

Please, Conny, do so!
Always a pleasure to look at different markets.

Kenza zei

Oh! the jam! what a wonderful day!

april zei

thursday seams to be to most yummi and perfect day. i miss my market days. oh i'm so in love with your fun dress post!!! and in love with every post of you - because you make me smile and dream and feel good all the time. happy weeken*

Ketting van geluk zei

Ohhh, heerlijk de zomer (markt). Lekker fruit kopen en verwerken. Ziet er superlekker uit. Ik mis mijn markten (en de turk) sinds ik verhuisd ben. Hier in Amsterdam zuid-oost ben ik aangewezen op de C1000...toch minder. Nu ik dit gezien heb, ga ik morgen zeker de stad in om ook zulke heerlijke ingredienten te scoren! Gelukkig krijg ik er hier wel genoeg groen voor terug, maar dan om me heen en niet om op te eten:)

Cate zei

yummy jam... how about some paired with that cheese? just a little bit. wish i could taste it. yummy.