I Cook

Today the cover and very first page of:

'Guusje's book for serious Sweet Teeth
and maybe others too!'

( I found my 'cookbook swap' book
soaked in chocolate milk,
so time for a new, super hero version
that will stand all evil powers )

I love to bake and make,
so I thought it was time for a little book.
You can click on the image,
print and collect a whole cookbook in time!
I will do my very best to make the recipe's fairly easy to make
fun to look at
and sometimes or lots of times
healthy & wholesome too.

The very first page:
Our family favorite,
great for lunch boxes too!

Oatmeal Cookies.

I hope you will enjoy.

9 opmerkingen:

Marjolijn zei

I surely will enjoy that!

Guus je bent geweldig!
Een wereld rond kookboek!

Gers! xxxxxxxxx

Ketting van geluk zei

Mmmmmm...jummie. Daar ga ik van smullen en prachtig geillustreerd! Bedankt.

Bree zei

very cool!


Guusje, what a sweet idea! You should sell this idea!!

Big kiss to you,


jane zei

this so sweet! (in more ways than one) thank you!

Eefje zei

Tof idee! Dat wordt printen en bundelen. Prachtige print weer.

Lovely World zei

Love the cover. I'm sure the recipes will be delicious!

Emil und die großen Schwestern zei

so sweeeeeet!

Dina zei

This is a great idea... I will print your cookbook gladly :) cheers