Corner View: 'Me'

This is Me, sucking in her tummy to look slimmer!

About Me:

Me discovered recently,
she likes to sew.

Me doesn't like to do dishes.

Me does like watching telly especially when the kids are asleep.

Me walks with bare feet
and at night time
her feet are so dirty,
she have to clean them with a hard bathroom sponge
to get rid of the dirt.

Me likes to garden,
but leaves the rubbish laying around for her love to pick up.
The love of Me, does not like that.
but hey,
Me is Me.

Enough about MeMe..
Up to all the other Me's in the world!

20 opmerkingen:

Kenza zei

Oh! what a wonderful "me"! Such a sweet one!

tikjewit zei

That's funny'; your ME and my Me have at least one thing in common; Me is Me as well!

gardenmama zei

well hello you! er... 'me'!
you are a very sweet and creative you! i mean, 'me'!
and now i have learned through your comment on a friends blog how to pronounce your name correctly! i had no idea! love, me um... nicole xoxo

gardenmama zei

and... i'm sorry i am not seeing anything for you to suck in mama!! love your creating : ) xo

Maia zei

Heehee! Nice that your love picks up your garden rubbish...even if reluctantly. And I love your new sewing kick. Gives me hope that I will have time to indulge in some of that myself soon ;)

Daan (Dan) zei

nice readuing about your 'me'!

This 'me' also has dirty-feet-syndrome at the end of a long day...

anna zei

Wat een leuke tas man! zeefdruk + naaien= weer een heel nieuwe wereld die voor je opengaat kan ik me zo voorstellen..
x ook-een-blote-voeten-meisje


You are a sweet 'me' and 'me' always has to suck in the belly (guess it is the lazyness after being a mum)...

The new bag is georgeous!


Bichos da Matos zei

I wish my tummy was like that;) Nice portrait and I like your bags!

The Muse of The Day zei

The linen is a good match for the style printing that you do. It is a very natural match. The style/cut of the bag has enough going on to make the bag interesting, but because it is in linen it doesn't take away from your print. Very,very nice. Carolina

Judith zei

Er is een verassing voor je op mijn blog :)


Bree zei

what a sweet 'me'

like to have teeeeea with

Gabriela zei

Congratulations!!! :D:D:D

Unknown zei

Oh ! lovely bag !! a new creation ?

Guusje zei


molly zei

The filthy end-of-day feet? Me too!

jane zei

love learning more about you dear guusje- and that bag is fabulous!!

MUS zei

"me" made mooie tas!

Theresa zei

This is GREAT!

Journal de jours zei

ooh :)

Dat blote-voeten-verhaal is heel herkenbaar, stiekem zeg ik soms ook "foert schrobpartij" en kruip ik met zwarte voeten in bed. oeps.