first shoes

three images
a few words
a tidbit from the week
held close to my heart

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Roos zei

Oh ja, da's zo'n koestermoment!! Geniet van de eerste stapjes samen :-)

Anoniem zei

Know and love that feeling... it's really all a miracle. Nothing less!
Love your photographs and words, so I'm the new follower!
Have a lovely weekend!

tikjewit zei

Wow; Thése boots are made for walking for sure!


Poppy is a good one - so daddy is in the shoe buying business with two girls in the house from now on...

XX Nina

Lovely World zei

So precious! I remember buying little shoes for my little ones. Now they have big school-aged kid feet!

;) zei

Adorable ! I hope you'll keep these shoes all your life ;)

Grietje zei

Wauw! Mooie stappertjes!
Zekersteweten een moment om nooit te vergeten.

Sandra zei

Oh lief!!!!
en dan samen stapperdestap.

joo-expo zei


(en bewaren hè, die kleine stappertjes!voor je het weet hebben ze maat 40) )

Anoniem zei

Wanted to thank you for your comments and supporting words, I beleive there are many with "notmothers", but noones talking about it, at least not here.

Enjoy your weekend!
Linked to you from my blog :)

One Pair Two Pear zei

big little steps, adorable - krsta