Old love

Sometimes you just fall in love again.
Today I came across two remarkable things.

The first found in my studio.
This flower was my very first print here in Holland.
I was so excited.
I couldn't wait to get home to show my love
what screen printing meant to me.

To show
is better than
to tell.

I framed the flower today and now it proudly hangs in my living room,
for me to remember that day.

The second remarkable thing
was found on my blog today.
I appreciate every visit here,
on my blog.
I can be very insecure sometimes,
especially about work stuff.
I often don't say a lot,
afraid to say all the wrongs instead of the rights.
So 'Followers' and 'Comments' are a super treat to me!
Often a motivation to go on with the whole online thing.

Today something special happened.
I pressed the icon of one of the new followers of this blog
(Thank you and be very welcome everyone!!!)
and was amazed to see
that the talented lady Helen Rawlinson is the designer of my lamp,
which I bought years ago when I lived in Winchester!!!!
Isn't that the coolest thing?
I'm so amazed!
Crossing each other in this big world
at different times in different ways
and take a little piece of each others world home.
I like!!!!

I still love my Lamp and always will!

PS. My organic cotton bags are on their way!!!

16 opmerkingen:

**EYE-SNACKS** zei

Nou, je eerste print is super mooi gedaan,hoor !
Mooi grafisch werk!

Belinda zei

Wat een super-cool verhaal! De lamp is inderdaad prachtig! het appelprintje dat ik van je kreeg heeft een prominente plaats in mijn therapie-praktijk! Dat compliment is dan ook weer binnen ;-)

Guusje zei


Helen zei

Wow! How amazing the connections we make. Your work is beautiful! It really made me smile and this post has made my day! I've not had a browse through blogs for ages and came across your shop today via a friend on Facebook who mentioned Bloesem Kids......and so the trail began Thank you. x

Hiskia zei

wat een mooi toeval :) en col zeg: zo'n leuke post op Bloesem!

Guusje zei

Hooooray for Bloesem. I just found out! Thank you , Irene

Thank you for mentioning, Helen.

Anki zei

Wooow Guusje, kom ik net op Bloesm, sta jij er gewoon op! Echt heel gaaf!! :)

Wat hebben jullie overigens fantastische tegeltjes in jullie keuken, prachtige kleuren!


OH...THANK YOU for passing by our World...
YOUR WORLD feels SO fresh and very homely...my parents are both Scandinavian and I just adore your Colour usage and printwork is SO SO beautiful!
I am adding you to my blogroll...as I would love to keep in touch...
Have you ever been over to Pilli Pilli? She's Dutch too,living in Italy...has wonderful design too.

Anoniem zei

That lamp is a small miracle. Love it!

Guusje zei

Thank you!

Kickcan and Conkers zei

oh, number three - you were featured on Bloesem kids yesterday :)

Jane zei

Nou ja dat is toevallig, heerlijk bloglandje toch. En Guusje je maakt de prachtigste dingen, iets om super trots op te zijn.

P.S. er komt snel post jouw kant op die ik al heeeeel lang beloofd heb. Een kleinigheidje hoor, piepklein :)

anna zei

Wat een mooie post Guusje, I feel the same way :)

Anoniem zei

Thank you for a wonderful post! Again! I think we all feel the same way about our work and our blog comments. Isn't it nice to have friends around the world? Keep going ! You make the world a happier place!

Janet zei

I only found your blog the other day - LOVING your prints and use of colour. I hope you continue to be inspired!!

Juniper zei

Nice new bags! Ahhh but I so so love that flower print, its beautiful really really lovely. It does do a very good job of showing your love for printmaking and how gifted you are at it!
Oh and what a nice connection!! Her lamps are wonderful!!!